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What is Kratom Syrup

what is kratom syrup

Looking for a sweet, discreet, and fast-acting way to enjoy kratom? Kratom syrup ticks all the boxes and offers similar effects to traditional kratom powder or capsules.

You can use kratom syrup in different ways: take it using a spoon like your typical syrup, place a drop under your tongue, or mix it in your favorite drinks and foods.

Read to learn more about this popular form of kratom, from what it’s made of to where you can buy it.

The Make-up of Kratom Syrup

Kratom syrup is a kratom-infused liquid concoction made of the following ingredients:

  • Kratom extract or concentrate.
  • Vegetable glycerine or coconut oil
  • Sweetener
  • Flavorings

The vegetable glycerine or coconut oil in kratom syrup acts as a thickening agent that gives it a thick texture or consistency. Meanwhile, sweeteners and flavorings help to mask the unpleasant taste of natural kratom extract.

Kratom syrups work the same way as traditional forms of kratom, like powder, dried leaves, tea, capsules, and tablets. It has to travel through the digestive tract first before the effects kick in. Its effects, however, kick in faster than other kratom edibles. That’s probably why it’s gaining more popularity among kratom users.

Kratom syrup comes packaged in cough syrup-like bottles with kratom alkaloid concentrations clearly indicated on them. As such, they offer controlled dosing, which allows you to control your consumption based on your tolerance levels. This sort of packaging also offers discretion if you have reservations about taking kratom in public.

image of the makeup of kratom syrup


Buying kratom syrup should not break the bank. You will find different prices online and in-store. Often the cost is higher in smokeshops and convenience stores than when you buy from an online vendor. That said, the average cost of two ounces or 60ml bottles of kratom syrup is $12.00 to $25.00.

Strength is also a decisive factor in the price of kratom syrup; the higher the alkaloid content, the higher the price. For example, an 8ml bottle of highly strong syrup may cost between $10 to $20. The good news is you will only need one or two drops of strong kratom syrup to get your desired effects.


You’ll have a difficult time looking for kratom syrup online and in-store. That’s because it’s not widely available on the shelves of most kratom dispensaries. Only a select few kratom vendors have kratom syrup as part of their product line.

Top Vendors Selling Kratom Syrup

Here are some of the top vendors from whom you can get your kratom syrup:

Legal Lean

Legal Lean kratom syrup is meant for users who are conscious about their health and fitness. It combines a unique blend of kratom extract, natural ingredients, and flavors. Its proprietary blend of natural ingredients includes the following:

  • Chamomile extract
  • Lavender extract
  • Valerian root
  • Hops
  • St. John’s wort
  • Skull cap
  • Kava kava extracts

Users mention feeling relaxed and more vibrant after taking the syrup. It’s therefore perfect for unwinding after a long day at work.

You can choose from four unique flavors:

  • Grape (Act): Delivers a sweet, grape-berry flavor
  • Quali Cherry: Has a sweet, cherry-strawberry flavor
  • Mango-pineapple: Gives off citrusy notes and tropical vibes
  • Blue-Raspberry: It’s a sweet lab-created artificial flavor

Legal Lean kratom syrup comes in 2oz (59mL) bottles. Each bottle goes for $12.50.

image of legal lean kratom syrup selling vendor

Blue Magic

Blue Magic offers the new, all-natural KraDeine kratom syrup. Each bottle of KraDeine contains a whopping 300mg of kratom extracts mixed with grape syrup to create a memorable experience.

The best way to take KraDeine is to pour some into a sparkling beverage like Sprite. Users mention that the onset of effects is quick and lasts for hours. Notable effects include feelings of relaxation.

A 60ml bottle of KraDeine kratom syrup will cost you $24.95. Alternatively, you can buy a 12-pack for $239.99.


Apotheca is another reputable vendor from which you can buy kratom syrup. The brand’s O.P.M.S. Black kratom extract is particularly a customer favorite. Available in an 8.8ml bottle, the syrup contains the following ingredients:

  • Maeng Da kratom leaf extract: 375 mg per bottle
  • Mitragynine alkaloid (48 %): 180mg per bottle
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine (2.2%): 8mg per bottle
  • Corn syrup
  • Water
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Natural and artificial stabilizer agents

The O.P.M.S. Black kratom syrup is different from other kratom liquid extracts. That’s because it uses a unique, all-natural extraction method that involves the use of cold water and pressure to derive alkaloids from kratom leaves. This method preserves the alkaloids, making for highly concentrated syrup.

Because of its strength, you can feel the effects of this O.P.M.S. syrup with only a few drops added to your coffee or tea. The onset of effects occurs within minutes. Only experienced kratom users should try this product.

Apotheca has a reputation for low pricing in the kratom industry. The O.P.M.S. Black kratom syrup retails at $13.38.

image of apotheca kratom syrup selling vendor

The Bottom Line

The kratom-infused syrup is not a novel concept, but that does not make it any less exciting. For kratom users looking for an alternative way to consume kratom, syrups can be a good option.

They are sweet and contain high concentrations of alkaloids. A drop of two is enough to kick-start the relaxation effects within minutes. So kratom newbies should begin with low doses to avoid adverse effects.

To make sure you’re buying safe, pure, and strong kratom syrup, you should verify your vendor’s lab test reports before purchase. Ideally, you should buy only from kratom vendors who have the American Kratom Association GMP certification.

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