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What Is Ultra-Enhanced Kratom

There are numerous kratom varieties in the market today, so many that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You might be conversant with regular kratom strains like Green Maeng Da or Indo kratom. But it just gets more confusing when you encounter new products like ‘ultra-enhanced kratom.’

If you have any questions about this relatively new addition to the kratom family, read on to learn more.

Ultra-Enhanced Kratom Effects

image of what is ultra enhanced kratom

Ultra-enhanced kratom is basically a more concentrated form of regular kratom powder. Many users claim that it has harder-hitting effects that generally last longer than regular kratom.

These qualities make ultra-enhanced kratom especially popular among experienced users who can’t get their desired effects with regular kratom at normal doses. Apart from its harder-hitting effects and high alkaloid concentration, ultra-enhanced kratom also differs from regular kratom in the way it’s made. Some manufacturers infuse regular kratom with synthetic alkaloids. In comparison, others mix different kratom extracts with regular kratom powder to get a stronger result.

It is, therefore, vital to consult your vendor on their manufacturing process before making a purchase.

Creating Ultra-Enhanced Kratom

Ultra-enhanced kratom is made from fully-matured kratom leaves that have reached between 18 and 24 months of age. Mature kratom leaves generally have a higher alkaloid concentration that can yield extracts with up to 30 percent more alkaloids.

After harvesting, the leaves are dried and treated using supercritical solvent extraction methods that facilitate higher alkaloid extraction. Here, the kratom powder is soaked into the solvent to remove the desired alkaloids. Thus, producing a powerful solution. The resulting solution can range anywhere from a brownish liquid to a syrup with a thick consistency. The solution is then dried to create an ultra-enhanced kratom powder or liquid.

Some manufacturers use alkaloid-specific solvents to remove only the desired types of alkaloids. The result is an ultra-enhanced solution capable of producing desired effects, even at low doses.

Alternatively, some manufacturers make ultra-enhanced kratom by boiling kratom powder in water. This method typically involves boiling a lot of kratom powder, not less than 15 to 20 grams, in water until it transforms into a resin.

The resin is then crushed into powder. Some manufacturers sell it in this state, while others enhance it even further by adding other kratom extracts.

Types of Ultra-Enhanced Kratom

The several types of ultra-enhanced kratom each undergo different manufacturing processes. The most common types of ultra-enhanced kratom are:

Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom

image of ultra enhanced indo kratom


This strain of enhanced kratom is made by combining Indo and Bali kratom extracts. Its form of enhanced kratom is very powerful, making it popular among regular users. The effects are reportedly much like those of Bali kratom but more enhanced. It comes in powders, capsules, and extracts.

Like Bali kratom, ultra-enhanced Indo kratom has an intensely satisfying aroma, owing to its premium Indonesian kratom powder source. It’s also infused with pure alkaloid extracts to enhance its effects.

The effects of ultra-enhanced Indo kratom are much like those of Bali kratom. It provides a slight energy boost, coupled with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Some users have also reported experiencing mood elevation after consuming ultra-enhanced strain.

Ultra-Enhanced Maeng da Kratom

The manufacturing process of ultra-enhanced Maeng da kratom typically involves adding 99 percent pure alkaloids to natural Maeng Da kratom. The result is a more powerful strain with longer-lasting effects. Manufacturers generally add up to a thousand grams of alkaloids to Maeng Da kratom to increase its alkaloid concentration.

The smell of ultra-enhanced Maeng Da kratom is much like that of Red Maeng Da, making it one of the most intense aromas of all kratom strains on the market. According to some users, the aroma is not only intense but also stimulating.

Most users have reported getting energy boosts and feelings of mood elevation after taking this kratom variant. Some users also report getting feelings of relaxation and stimulation based on the dose they take. Generally, a lower dose will give you feelings of relaxation, while a higher dose may make you feel more relaxed.

Ultra-Enhanced Bali Kratom

image of ultra enhanced bali kratom

Bali kratom is among the most popular strains today. Its ultra-enhanced form is manufactured from large, mature leaves. The leaves are dried and then infused with 99 percent pure alkaloid extracts to accentuate their flavor and effects.

How to Use Ultra-enhanced Kratom

Like with regular kratom, there are numerous ways to use ultra-enhanced kratom. Here are some of the most popular consumption methods among users.


This is one of the most convenient ways of using kratom. You don’t have to deal with the unnerving taste of kratom, and nobody around you will even know you’re taking kratom in the first place. This makes it the most discreet method of kratom consumption.


You can make tea or coffee using ultra-enhanced kratom. This method is especially popular among people who prefer taking their kratom in the morning. With a cup of your favorite morning beverage, you can enjoy the effects of your favorite ultra-enhanced kratom variety throughout the day. The flavor of coffee or tea also masks the unpleasant taste of kratom.

image of ultra enhanced kratom tea

The Bottom Line

As kratom becomes more popular, new variants are hitting the shelves every other day. The most recent of which is ultra-enhanced kratom. Unlike your regular kratom powder, ultra-enhanced kratom has a higher alkaloid concentration, making it one of the most powerful kratom varieties available.

Its harder-hitting effects also mean that it has more pronounced side effects. Therefore, as you enjoy your favorite ultra-enhanced kratom, you should exercise caution to avoid getting unpleasurable side effects that would otherwise ruin your experience.

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