Types of Liquid Kratom – Understanding the 4 Different Variations

The cardinal rule of kratom use is that you should always try to manage your dose. Sure, kratom is an all-natural substance and it’s not likely to cause serious side effects the way that synthetic alternatives do. But constantly increasing your dose means having to risk developing a tolerance, and no one wants that.

Responsible kratom users recommend implementing a number of ways to prevent increasing your kratom threshold. And while rotating strains and veins might be a good idea, turning to liquid kratom might help keep your doses low without having to make do with lackluster effects.

The Basics of Liquid Kratom

Most of the indigenous communities that use kratom just straight up chew the leaves of the plant. And although that might produce effects just fine, lots of kratom users in the western world don’t really have the oral tolerance for a mouthful of bitter leaves. So naturally, we’ve come up with our own ways to enjoy the miracle herb. Today, powder stands tall as the most accessible, affordable, and practical way to consume kratom. The majority of kratom users enjoy the basic toss-and-wash method, but there are a few fancy cats out there that might sprinkle the stuff into a protein shake, or dust their lunch with a teaspoon of the good stuff.

But while powder is widely accepted as a good way to enjoy kratom, there are manufacturers out there who have found new methods of kratom use. Liquid kratom is one of them. As its name suggests, this stuff comes in a liquid form, but there are different types. And while not all of them are more potent than powder, some tout powerful chemistry that provides a number of potential advantages over the traditional powder.

4 Types of Liquid Kratom

Presently, there are about four different kinds of liquid kratom, all of which are likely available through your favorite headshop or kratom vendor website. Again, while they all take advantage of the liquid form, there are distinctions between each type that may affect the way you enjoy them.


image of kratom tea

Just as you would any other sort of tea, kratom tea is prepared by steeping the dried or fresh leaves, or powder in hot water. The resulting beverage isn’t actually going to be much stronger than consuming the powder itself, since all you’re really doing is imbuing the water with the same alkaloid content as the powder itself.

On the upside, tea can be much easier to tolerate taste and texture-wise, especially if you’ve got a low tolerance for the bitterness and dryness of the powder on its own. Others also like tea because you have the option of adding in other ingredients like honey or sugar to make it taste a little easier on the palate.


Now we’re getting into veteran territory. Kratom extract is a potent form of kratom that’s made by boiling the leaves or powder and letting it simmer for extended periods of time. People who manufacture kratom extract can use copious amounts of kratom for a single boil, which will then be strained out to leave a smooth, thick, dark liquid. This allows them to produce an extract that’s several times stronger than the kratom used for the formulation. For instance, a kratom extract that’s labeled 2:1 is twice as strong as the powder or leaves that were used to make it. You can imagine how strong 10X or 10:1 kratom extract might be.

One of the main benefits of kratom extracts is that you can take a tiny amount and still get explosive benefits. They’re also ideal for people who need the advantages of kratom but don’t actually enjoy its flavor or texture.

image of kratom extract


Think of a kratom tincture as somewhere between a tea and an extract. This product entails quite literally extracting the chemistry of a batch of kratom and turning it into liquid. (buy modafinil online erfahrung) It’s not like tea that you can only consume in single servings, or like concentrates that are going to be several times the strength of the original strain. Instead, tinctures come in small bottles that typically have a dropper. They’re not going to be stronger than your standard kratom powder, which also makes it much, much easier to determine how many drops you need to get the effects you’re looking for.

Compared to simply steeping leaves or powder to make tea, tinctures also have a much longer shelf life. This means you won’t have to worry about storage, or having to keep on brewing to enjoy the same benefits day in and day out. (modafinil online review)

image of kratom tincture



A kratom shot is essentially a mass-produced energy drink with tons of other ingredients in the mix. Because these products are intended to last several months (or even years) in storage, they’re packed with tons of preservatives and other ingredients.

Another thing about kratom shots is that while kratom is the star of the show, these products can also aim to provide a range of other benefits. That really depends on the manufacturer. Of course, the majority of these added ingredients will also come from natural sources. A good example of a combo kratom shot would be one that includes melatonin for sleep, so you can get relief from discomfort and sleep support in one bottle.

The Advantages of Liquid Kratom

So, why exactly should you make the switch to liquid kratom? Well, although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with kratom in powder or leaf form, there are a number of advantages that are unique to liquid forms of the substance. Understanding these benefits can help you decide whether to stick to the old toss-and-wash, or whether it might be time to try something new.

  • Easier to tolerate – Kratom powder and leaves can be bitter, and the dry texture can highlight the unpleasant flavor. Liquid kratom — although bitter as well — is much smoother and easier to down for low tolerance users. Not to mention the fact that you can more easily slip the stuff into food and drink without significantly altering its texture or flavor.

image of liquid kratom advantages

  • Travel friendly – Ever tried to toss and wash on the go? It can get messy. Extracts, tinctures, and shots are much easier to consume when you’re out and about. So for kratom users who might find the need to dose up when they’re away, these travel-friendly alternatives might be more convenient than powder.
  • Concentrated – On the topic of dose management, lots of consumers have found that using extracts or tinctures can help significantly simplify dosing. These products let you skip the guesswork by allowing you to measure doses in drops. This means you can enjoy the fullness of the product’s effects without having to overdo your dosage.
  • Simplified storage – There’s a lot that could go wrong with a big fat bag of kratom in storage. Even the slightest moisture can cause mold to form in the bag, so you might have to be particularly careful about storage. With liquid kratom, as long as your product is away from heat and direct sunlight, there’s not much else you should be worried about.

How Much Will It Cost?

A lot of people shy away from liquid kratom because of the prices. With some choices costing upwards of $50 for a single bottle, kratom extract prices can seem pretty steep and unreasonable. But when you do the math, these bottles could contain enough kratom to satisfy your needs for weeks or even months. It still all depends on the formulation and the specific kind of kratom used for that blend. Some vendors sell kratom extract in 15mL bottles containing 130mg of mitragynine for just around $25 each.

Of course, tinctures tend to be much cheaper because they contain a 1:1 ratio of mitragynine versus the kratom that was used to produce it. Generally speaking, however, kratom shots tend to be the most expensive despite containing just enough mitragynine for a single dose. A single kratom shot could easily set you back up to $18 or more, depending on the blend. Most vendors also sell them in bulk boxes that let you get discounts on the per-unit price of the shots you’re buying.

image of liquid kratom cost

Over to You

There is a load of reasons why you might want to consider trying liquid kratom. Easier on the palate and usually more potent than your kratom powder, liquids might even help you curb the risk of increased tolerance. Just make sure you read the fine print, consider the strain you’re getting, and weigh your own preferences and needs before you click through to check out.

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