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Terms of Purchase


None of the statements on our website have been approved by the FDA. Kratom is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, manage, or prevent any illnesses, diseases, or medical conditions. Please refer to the FDA Import alert 54-14 for further information.

We do not provide any recommendations or suggestions regarding the use or suitability of the kratom products sold through our website. Some of these products may be found to contain chemicals and substances such as but not limited to nickel, lead, and arsenic.

In the State of California, these substances have been recognized as a possible cause for cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive and health risks. For further information regarding this matter, you may refer to the Proposition 65 website.

Recommended Use and Product Handling

Customers are responsible for performing their own research and due diligence regarding the use of our products. We make no recommendations on the suggested use of the products sold through our website.

The customer is solely liable for any side-effects, risks, issues and/or adverse reactions that result from their use of the products purchased through our company.

Liability Waiver

Our company shall not be held liable for any issues, problems, risks, damages, side-effects, and adverse reactions that arise as a result of the customer’s use of our products. The customer assumes all liability upon receiving the products after shipping.

Our company shall not be held liable for the same in case of third-party use and handling of our products. Any liability assumed by the company extends only until the products are received, and only for the person/individual whose name appears on the official transaction record.

Age Restrictions

We restrict any and all website visitors who do not meet the required age restriction of 21 years old. None of the information published on our website is recommended for viewing for individuals under the age of 21.

All website visitors who do not meet the minimum age requirement are strongly advised to exit our website immediately. This applies regardless of whether viewers are accompanied by a guardian who meets the age requirement.

Legality Waiver

All prospective buyers are strongly advised to perform their own due diligence when purchasing products from our website. While kratom is federally legal, different states, counties, and cities have varying regulations and restrictions regarding its use, sale, and possession.

We strive to keep all legal information concerning these nuances up-to-date. However, we do not guarantee that the information published on our website regarding these local rules and regulations are always accurate.

Our company will not be held liable for oversight on the part of the customer especially when having orders shipped to areas where kratom is illegal, or when traveling to destinations where kratom is banned, controlled, regulated, or otherwise restricted.

Customer Data

The customer acknowledges and accepts that all customer information submitted to our website will be used by both the company and the website. These details will aid in the fulfillment of the customer’s purchase, including but not limited to shipping the order, completing and processing payments, and contacting the customer as necessary.

We strive to protect your personal information and customer data every step of the transaction. If you wish to learn more about how we keep your details secure, you can read our Privacy Policy.

Customer Accounts

We reserve the right to control, limit, and restrict access to our website and all of its features without prior notice and without explanation. Accounts found in violation of our terms and conditions may be temporarily or permanently blocked from accessing our site.

We may also block phone numbers, IP addresses, e-mail addresses, and shipping and billing addresses without prior notice and without explanation. In certain cases, we may also block customers from completing transactions using certain payment methods, or from making payments through any of our available channels.

Our company reserves the right to perform any of the previously mentioned actions in favor of the security and safety of our business and website without obligation to inform customers involved or to provide explanations regarding our reasons for executing such actio


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