Should You Buy Kratom from a Gas Station


Since entering the US market in 2010, kratom has become one of the most widely used herbs on the scene — second only to hemp. And with such a high demand for the product, vendors and shops have found reason to stock their shelves with the coveted herb to cater to the ever-growing kratom consumer base.

That’s why these days, it’s no surprise that you’ll often find kratom at local gas stations. Making kratom accessible to virtually everyone, these stores embody the meaning of convenience. But should you actually cop a pack of kratom the next time you gas up? Here’s what you need to know.


Why Do Gas Stations Sell Kratom?

When kratom pioneers first brought the stuff to US soil, they probably didn’t think the powerful herb would end up in gas stations. In fact, most kratom purists and connoisseurs will tell you that they would never turn to these sources for a kratom fix. So who do they sell to?

One thing about gas stations is that they’re located where they’re most accessible. People need gas to be within reach, so typically, a station would be situated on a busy street on the way to key locations like malls, grocery stores, hospitals, and the like.

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The unrivaled accessibility of gas stations makes them the ideal place to sell easy-access kratom. Think about it — you’re running low and you need a dose. But your next shipment isn’t due to arrive in a day or two. Where do you go to get a quick fix? The local gas station, of course.

Essentially, gas stations cater to kratom users who need a small amount of product to bridge a stash gap. That’s why you’ll notice they don’t typically sell in bulk, and only offer small packets of kratom that will last a dose or two.

Because of this, gas station kratom also tends to come at a steeper cost. After all, kratom users caught in a bind are more willing to pay steeper prices per gram if there’s nowhere else to get an instant fix.


Why Don’t Large Chain Gas Stations Sell Kratom?

You might have noticed that your favorite large chain gas stations like those at Walmart or Costco don’t offer kratom. Everyone’s in on the hype — why does it seem like they’re falling behind?

Before jumping to any conclusions, it pays to consider the legalities. As of writing, kratom remains an unregulated industry. Of course, the American Kratom Association makes attempts at regulating vendors. But since AKA-GMP certification isn’t required before a vendor can operate, bad apples slip through the cracks.

The legality of kratom also remains in question. Today, some local governments have placed their own bans and restrictions on the use and sale of kratom. Thus, large chain gas stations tend to pull away from kratom because of its legal instability and poor regulation.

Finally, there’s credit card processing. The moment chain stores like Walmart and Costco offer kratom at any of their branches or outlets, they take on an increased financial risk based on merchant account service providers’ standards.

Again, this ties into poor market regulation and questionable regulation practices. If that happens, these store brands might have to recalibrate contracts that allow them to take credit and debit card payments. And to these stores, selling kratom isn’t worth all the hassle.


Should You Buy Kratom at a Gas Station?

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Why wait days for an online kratom delivery to arrive at your doorstep when you can secure a stash at your local gas station just a few blocks away?

The allure of convenience and accessibility might make you think twice about ordering kratom online. But there are a few considerations you need to make before you choose a gas station as your staple kratom source. (yourdoctors)

  • Prices – Gas station kratom can be up to twice the cost of kratom online. They slap these exorbitant prices on their product because they cater to buyers who simply have no other choice. In some cases, gas stations also target customers who don’t necessarily have a depth of knowledge of the herb.

Although buying kratom from a gas station might seem accessible, you’d end up spending way more than you typically would through a dedicated vendor whether online or in person.

  • Quality – Remember that kratom isn’t yet a regulated industry. So brands can sell products that don’t pass through any testing or standardized quality assurance methods whatsoever. For buyers, that means an added risk of purchasing a dangerous, contaminated, or poor-quality product.

Most brands that sell their products to gas stations rely heavily on packaging and bag appeal to veer attention away from their lack of testing and quality control. So when you buy from a gas station, it’s more likely to get your hands on substandard or even dangerous products.

  • Selection – Gas stations can’t stock their shelves with copious amounts of kratom, so they only supply enough to meet the needs of consumers in a bind. Often, you’ll find just about three or four varieties of kratom at a gas station, whereas dedicated vendors could sell upwards of 20.

When it all comes right down to it, gas stations offer limited options because they know their buyers don’t really have much of a choice. But because kratom varieties come by the dozen, limiting yourself to gas station kratom might have you bored after a while.


What to Avoid When Buying Kratom at a Gas Station

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Still, thinking of buying kratom from your local gas station? If you really need a fix and your shipment’s been delayed, here are some tips to take with you before you seal that deal.

  • Look for AKA GMP certification – Some gas station brands still go through the whole AKA GMP certification process. Whenever possible, only buy kratom products that showcase the AKA GMP seal of approval.
  • Avoid flashy packaging – Some of the best quality kratoms you’ll find comes in unbranded, clear, plastic baggies. Most brands that try to appeal to the visual senses probably don’t offer much else to keep customers coming back for more.
  • Ask for the hidden stock – No one knows what products on the display shelves have been subjected to. Heat and UV exposure can change kratom chemistry. Not to mention constant handling from people visiting the store. Always ask for products from the stock room and check manufacturing dates.
  • Check the ingredients – The purer the better. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients before you decide to make a purchase. For kratom powders, there should be nothing else in the mix. Added ingredients may help to improve effects but might also put your health at risk.
  • Read the labels – If the product you’re looking at makes mention of medicinal benefits or cures, drop it. The FDA has strict guidelines that prevent kratom companies from using such language.

You should also steer clear of products that use strong, provocative, or suggestive language alluding to getting ‘high’ or anything similar. Products that prey on your curiosity in these ways are more likely to contain dangerous ingredients to elevate kratom’s effects.

  • Locate brand information – Some brands get away with sales even when they divulge little to no information about them or where they’re from. Beware — brands that don’t offer information about themselves to their consumers don’t want to be found.

And why exactly should that be a problem? Well, brands that try to hide their identity or location typically do so to avoid the influx of complaints and lawsuits that consumers try to throw their way due to poor product quality or dangerous effects caused by their product.

  • Steer clear of dark, opaque packaging – Solid packaging material that doesn’t let you see through should be a major red flag. A visual inspection of the product itself is imperative to guaranteeing quality. Avoid products that don’t let you see the stuff inside.


Keep an Eye on Your Stash

If you notice your stash is dwindling, go ahead and place an order for your next shipment. Even better, you can subscribe to a monthly kratom delivery so you can avoid the whole stash replenishment issue altogether.

By buying your kratom in advance, you can keep your inventory well supplied and you won’t find the need to head to a gas station for a quick fix. But in case you’re really in a pickle, remember these tips to avoid swapping your cash for products that don’t deliver.

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