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  • Same-Day Shipping
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Refund Policy

Your satisfaction means a lot to us, that’s why we do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. But if for whatever reason, you’re not entirely happy with what you’ve received, we’re here to assist.

Returns and Exchanges

We give our buyers the option to exchange or refund an order that doesn’t meet expectations. You can opt for a full refund given that the products you ordered meet the following conditions:

  • Unopened
  • Untampered
  • Complete with original packaging, labels, and tags

If your product does not meet these requirements, then you can opt for an exchange. This allows you to choose another product of equal value to replace your initial purchase. Buyers can request a refund or exchange within thirty (30) days from the purchase date.

Purchases paid for through eChecks must reflect as settled under our account before customers can initiate a refund or exchange request. This may take up to a week (7 days), but may extend subject to individual processing times and merchant processor-related factors.

While all orders are eligible for returns, we reserve the right to deny refund and exchange requests at our discretion. Reasons for denial include but are not limited to a uniquely high return request rate and odd, unreasonable, or unusual complaints about the products in question.

How to Request a Refund or Exchange

If you’re sure you want to get a refund or you want to exchange your product for something else from our line-up, you can initiate a request by following these steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to our Customer Support team at support@slokratom.com
  2. In the e-mail body, provide the following information
  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Whether you’re requesting a refund or exchange
  • Your reasons for initiating your request
  • Two (2) photographs — one showing the front of the product, and the other showing the back

Make sure that the attached images clearly depict the product you purchased and all of the written information on its labels.

Once your request has been approved, you may send your products to our mailing address at your expense. Customers are also responsible for updating our Customer Support team with delivery information to verify that the package has been shipped out to be returned.

Keep in mind that products sent to our mailing address will not be refunded or exchanged without a corresponding e-mail sent to our Customer Support team. Only send your products back to us once you have received confirmation that your return request has been approved.

We are not obligated to send back items that are sent to our mailing address without prior approval from our Customer Support team.

We are not responsible for products that are lost in transit to our offices.


Once your request is approved and your products arrive at our office, our team will inspect your purchase to make sure they meet the conditions stated above. We refund the full price of the product upon purchase with the exception of any associated fees (i.e., Shipping.)

Provide our team up to ten (10) days from the date your products are received to send the funds back to your account.


For exchanges, customers are allowed to choose a product of equal value from our selection. Customers will also be responsible for the cost of shipping the new, replacement item to your address from our office.

Once our team receives the product for exchange, allow between one to three (1-3) business days for us to ship out the corresponding replacement item.

Special Cases and Exceptions

We make sure to carefully inspect all of our products before sending them out to our buyers. But if you received a damage, defective, or otherwise substandard product, we encourage you to contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

Send us an e-mail with the following details to process your concern:

  • Name to which the order was addressed
  • Order number
  • Specific issues with the product in question
  • Clear photos of the product and its damages/defects


If a product is deemed defective or damaged as a direct result of our negligence, we commit to either replace or refund the item. We also reserve the right to deny refunds, replacements, and exchanges at our sole discretion.

All exceptions and special concerns pertaining to damaged or defective goods are handled on a case-to-cases basis.

Got More Questions?

We’re here to make things right. For any further concerns, questions, or clarifications regarding our return policy, feel free to contact our Customer Support team through [hotline]. You can also send us an e-mail through support@slokratom.com.

Our friendly team will get back to you during our regular business hours.


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