Red Thai Kratom Review: Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

red thai kratom review: benefits, effects, and dosage

If your aching body is getting in the way of comfort, relaxation, and rest, then a dose of the red Thai kratom strain might be in order. This potent strain is sold across the country and sits alongside names like Bali and Indo in popularity and abundance.

Its popularity is due to its benefits that combat stress and discomfort on all levels. If you’re wondering how this strain does it, keep reading to learn more about its benefits, effects, and the correct dose.

What is Red Thai Kratom?

Similar to other kratom strains, red Thai kratom gets its name from the location where it grows: Thailand. However, this country in Southeast Asia voted to outlaw kratom in 1943, putting red Thai kratom at risk of being completely erased.

The government wiped out kratom farms and wild growth to prevent locals from accessing the herb. Thanks to the quick thinking of local farmers who brought the Thai variety to neighboring countries with more relaxed kratom laws, Thai kratom remains today.

In 2021, with renewed global interest in natural products, the government reinstated kratom’s legality. Today, Thailand-based kratom farms are booming, with local farmers recognizing the herb as a cash cow.

What Does Red Vein Mean?

To produce a red vein strain, a kratom strain must use mature kratom leaves. These ‘color’ codes come from the hue of the veins underneath the leaves once harvested. White kratom leaves are the youngest, while red vein kratom uses the oldest leaves on the tree. Green kratom leaves are somewhere in between.

As these leaves age, their alkaloid composition changes. That’s why white, green, and red vein kratom strains are lumped together in different categories. Generally, red vein kratom’s complex profile produces more relaxed effects than the other colors in the line-up.

image of red thai kratom forms

Forms of Red Thai Kratom

Every person is different, so the products that appeal to one user might be different for you. Thus, kratom vendors try to make various kratom product forms available to cater to every distinct preference. But the most common products you’ll find on store shelves include the following:

 1. Red Vein Thai Kratom Powder

Once the raw leaves are harvested and dried, they’re turned into a fine powder. This is the actual product that Southeast Asian farmers export to countries like the United States.

So vendors only have to spend on repackaging to provide their buyers with sellable products.

For that reason, powder tends to be the cheapest kratom choice you’ll find.

But because of its bitter taste and texture, you may incorporate it into your food and drinks. Measuring doses can also get quite messy because of the refined, dusty nature of red vein Thai kratom powder.

 2. Red Vein Thai Kratom Capsules

Vendors offer red Thai kratom capsules if you want something more convenient. These caps contain the same red vein Thai kratom powder, but they conceal the taste and texture in a simplified gelatin capsule.

This form doesn’t only make measuring doses much easier, but it also allows more discreet intake when you’re out and about. It’s important to remember that capsules cost more than raw powder.

Red Thai Kratom Benefits

Red Thai kratom is a reasonably popular strain, but not just because of its prolific nature. This kratom variety offers a combination of soothing effects that target mental and physical discomforts.

While the experience may vary from user to user, the most commonly reported benefits of red vein Thai kratom include the following:

 1. Aids in Improving Sleep

There are many different reasons why a person might have trouble sleeping. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and physical aches make it challenging to achieve a good night’s rest. You can solve these obstacles by considering red Thai kratom’s sedative effects.

Studies have found that red kratom strains contain alkaloids that could support users as they try to sleep. These naturally occurring alkaloids can induce a sedating state when taken in higher doses, helping you experience full, uninterrupted sleep. And when you improve your sleeping habits, you can wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face each day.

 2. Boosts Energy Levels

On the other hand, red Thai kratom may showcase energizing effects when taken in lower doses. You’ll feel an energy boost, which can help sustain productivity and improve motivation through your daily routines.

As such, you may want to take small amounts of red vein Thai kratom during the midday, like other kratom users. Doing this helps prevent the sleepy, tired feelings you might experience after a big lunch. Or you can avoid slowed productivity as you sit at your desk after working the first few hours.

image of red thai kratom benefits

 3. Soothes Tension

Tension or stress can impair your well-being, especially your productivity. If you’re one of the modern-day adults, you’re more likely to have a load of care on your shoulders, making it difficult to unwind and relax at the end of the day.

You may even be one of the working adults bringing work-related worries home with them, so it seems there’s no escape from the burdens of life no matter where you go.

Like typical teas to soothe your worries, you can consider kratom a viable solution. When taken in high doses, the strain can bring clarity to mind, relieving mental tension. This works well if you want a quick and easy way to ease your mind without preparing elaborate remedies at home.

 4. Enhances Mood

Kratom is rich with a dynamic range of alkaloids impacting various areas of your life. One of the many ways these alkaloids might work includes mood enhancement. While improved sleep and tension relief can indirectly improve your mood, the strain works directly on mood swings.

After taking a dose, you may feel calmer, more relaxed, and more collected. This sense of peace and clarity improves your resilience against events and factors that drag down your mood. In effect, a lower dose of kratom may make you feel more upbeat and, in some cases, might encourage more social participation.

Red Thai Kratom Effects

Although full of benefits, red Thai kratom isn’t without its share of potential risks. Anything – even natural products – in excess can cause possible side effects.

However, remember that many of the effects here come from anecdotal reports. So you may or may not encounter them during your experience with red vein Thai kratom. These adverse effects appear only after a poorly measured dose or when using low-quality products.

Long-Term Effects

Long-term side effects usually only occur after several months of kratom use. These effects only happen if you consistently exceed your body’s kratom requirements throughout their usage.

  • Liver problems
  • Addiction
  • Dependence
  • Increased tolerance
  • Changes in mood
  • Drastic changes in weight
  • Symptoms of withdrawal

These long-term side effects require careful treatment to resolve fully. Most of the time, the user may have to slowly or immediately stop using kratom to normalize body conditions.

image of red thai kratom effects

Short-Term Effects

These short-term or acute effects result from immediate toxicity to a kratom dose. That could be because someone took much more than their tolerance or used a low-quality product.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Sweating
  • Irritability
  • Changes in appetite
  • Paranoia

Short-term side effects of different strains will wane as soon as the dose wears off.

What to Consider About Risks and Adverse Side Effects

Again, only some experience these side effects. For the most part, the anecdotal reports indicate that there were issues with the dose that directly caused these adverse effects.

You may be required to try more tactful intake methods for long-term side effects and toxicity. Some tips you can try include the following:

  • Rotate different kratom strains to avoid developing a tolerance
  • Take weekly breaks from your kratom use
  • Carefully measure the appropriate dose
  • Avoid exceeding your threshold
  • Stick to your bare minimum therapeutic dosage

imag od red thai kratom dosage

Red Thai Kratom Dosage

The most common reason why you may develop side effects (both acute and long-term) is miscalculating your dose—taking more kratom than your body needs can result in toxicity either in the present or future.

Although every person is different, there are recommended dosages depending on your situation.

  • Beginner Dose: 2-3g
  • Intermediate Dose: 4-5g
  • Advanced Dose: 6-7 g
  • Mega Dose: 8g and over

See to it that you take as little kratom as possible to avoid side effects. When measuring your dose for the first time, start with low doses and gradually work to high doses until you reach your therapeutic threshold.

Best Places to Buy Red Thai Kratom

As mentioned, one of the factors that could bring adverse effects is using a low-quality product. You should be wary as there are lots of shady vendors waiting to pounce on the first unsuspecting buyer coming their way. Make sure to check before you trust any vendor.

They should have at least the following qualities:

  • Verified reviews from previous customers
  • A strong web presence
  • Responsive, reliable customer support
  • Contact information and addresses are posted on their website
  • Competitive prices
  • Lab testing reports for their kratom products
  • AKA-GMP certification
  • Money-back guarantee

It’s tough to find vendors that match these criteria, but brands like SLO Kratom prove that reliable, reputable kratom vendors still exist.

image of other red vein kratom strains

Other Red Vein Kratom Strains

Since they’re all red strains, the following popular kratom strains bear striking similarities. But because of slight differences in their alkaloid profiles, you may experience unique benefits depending on which one you try. Check these red strains most kratom users also buy:

 1.Red Thai Kratom vs Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Thai and red Maeng Da bear many similarities, such as relaxing and soothing the mind and body.

But the main difference is potency. Maeng Da combines genetics from some of the most potent kratom strains. It may produce more powerful effects than red Thai, which is perfect for experienced users.

As such, red Thai may work better for users with a lower tolerance or less experience.

 2. Red Thai Kratom vs. Red Bali Kratom

In some cases, you might be unable to differentiate red Thai and red Bali based on the effects alone since they’re almost identical.

However, the most significant distinction you might pick up on is that red Bali tends to work at a slower, more relaxed pace than red Thai. After a dose, you’ll notice that it might take several minutes or even an hour for red Bali’s effects to show.

Meanwhile, red Thai works much faster.

 3. Red Thai Kratom vs. Red Borneo

Although similarly relaxing, the significant difference between red Thai and red Borneo kratom is that the latter produces more body-centric effects. Red Borneo might be a better solution if you deal with physical aches, discomfort, and tension.

Conversely, red Thai works more firmly on the mind.

The Key Takeaway

Red Thai kratom offers many benefits, especially addressing the daily aches, problems, and stressors you feel. Taking a regulated dose now and then may help you experience the relaxing effect most users do. Or, with a low dose, enjoy the stimulating effects of this excellent strain.

Making sure to measure your dose and choose a red strain with excellent quality to achieve the benefits without encountering the potential side effects mentioned above.

So if you’re looking for your next nightcap, cop a bag of red vein Thai kratom today.

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