What is the Legal Age to Buy Kratom?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding kratom. Highly regarded by people who use it for its soothing, calming, and relieving effects, the government takes a different stance on what they perceive as a dangerous drug-like substance. So naturally, with so much contention on the kratom topic, there are inevitably rules that try to control its use — and that includes age limits.

How old do you have to be to buy kratom, and does the age limit change from state to state? Here’s everything you need to know about the legal age for buying kratom. (umberlandpediatricdentistry.com)

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Laws on Kratom Legality in the US

To be perfectly clear, there is no clear-cut law or regulation that makes kratom either legal or illegal. With the studies exploring its effects and safety still insufficient to draw legislative conclusions, both the FDA and DEA have had to sit on their hands when confronted with discussions about kratom.

In the past, the FDA had almost convinced the DEA to schedule kratom as a controlled substance, however, Health and Human Services or HHS blocked the attempt as it revealed that kratom itself might not be the real issue when it comes to safety.

There are no rules or guidelines that regulate the cultivation, production, processing, and handling of kratom products. So it’s very possible for vendors to end up selling products that are contaminated with bacteria, heavy metals, microbes, pesticides, drugs, and various other substances that could be dangerous to users’ health.

So to help prevent that, the American Kratom Association has been pushing for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act or the KCPA.

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What is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

This act spearheaded by the AKA aims to put regulations in place so that the production of kratom is carefully regulated to meet certain quality standards. These standards thus hope to keep kratom products clean and free from potentially harmful contaminants that could be dangerous to its users.

Some stipulations in the KCPA state that:

  • Vendors must be required to test all of their products through labs to guarantee the absence of dangerous substances
  • Stakeholders must work together to reduce the risk of bad kratom wiggling its way to the market
  • There must be penalties in place for vendors who fail to meet these standards for quality and safety

Another recommendation under the KCPA states that kratom buyers need to be a certain age if they want to be able to make a purchase. Under the Act, buyers need to be at least 18 years old to purchase kratom. But then again, each state has the liberty to alter this minimum age depending on their own considerations. So the legal age for kratom purchases changes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

What is the Legal Age to Buy Kratom?

Wondering how old you have to be to purchase kratom in your area? Here are the age limits for buying kratom across the different states:

Alabama Kratom is banned
Alaska No age limit
Arizona 18 years old
Arkansas Kratom is banned
California No age limit except in San Diego City where it’s banned
Colorado No age limit except in Parker Town and Monument Town where it’s banned
Connecticut No age limit
Delaware No age limit
Florida No age limit except in Sarasota County
Georgia 18 years old
Hawaii No age limit
Idaho No age limit
Illinois 18 years old except in Jerseyville City where it’s banned
Indiana Kratom is banned
Iowa No age limit
Kansas 18 years old
Kentucky No age limit
Louisiana No age limit
Maine No age limit
Maryland No age limit
Massachusetts No age limit
Michigan No age limit
Minnesota No age limit
Mississippi No age limit except in certain towns and cities where it’s banned
Missouri 18 years old
Montana No age limit
Nebraska No age limit
Nevada 18 years old
New Hampshire 18 years old except in Franklin City where it’s banned
New Jersey No age limit
New Mexico No age limit
New York No age limit
North Carolina 18 years old
North Dakota No age limit
Ohio No age limit
Oklahoma 18 years old
Oregon 21 years old
Pennsylvania No age limit
Rhode Island Kratom is banned, but may be made legal to buyers 18 years old or over
South Carolina No age limit
South Dakota 21 years old
Tennessee 21 years old
Texas No age limit
Utah 21 years old
Vermont Kratom is banned, but may be made legal to buyers 18 years old or over
Virginia No age limit
Washington No age limit
West Virginia No age limit
Wisconsin Kratom is banned
Wyoming No age limit

The Legal Age to Buy Kratom

Keep in mind that should these states adapt the KCPA, the minimum age for buying kratom will automatically be 18 years of age, unless stipulated otherwise.

Today, Utah remains the first and only state to pass a KCPA, making their kratom market much safer for all of those involved. With time, you can expect more and more states to adopt the change, working to bring you safer products that are free from contaminants.

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