Can You Buy Kratom at Walgreens?

To make things short, you cannot buy kratom at Walgreens. There are several convenient local stores you can source kratom from if you live somewhere it is legal. Most municipalities allow for the sale of kratom, and you can find it at convenience stores and gas stations. However, you cannot find kratom for sale at many big chains like Walgreens.

Walgreens tends to sell a little bit of everything, including natural supplements, so it is natural to wonder if the store sells kratom. There is a simple reason why some of the biggest chain stores in the country have yet to take up the kratom craze. Kratom has yet to be explicitly regulated, and its rules are often changing. As such, it can be easier for large companies to forgo selling unregulated botanical products like kratom. It can be hard to blame them, especially if they do not need the money from kratom sales.


Why You Can’t Buy Kratom at Walgreens

With the convenience of one-stop shopping trips at Walgreens, kratom users lament the inability to stock up on kratom. The store has shelved stocking kratom, for now, because of its lack of federal regulation. While the company could work locally to comply with laws, not selling kratom might be the easiest path. Walgreens tends to have the same inventory in all its stores, so not selling kratom works more seamlessly into its business model. Stores that have franchises, like Circle K, are likely to carry different products. If you need a convenient stop for kratom, call your local gas stations and convenience stores.

Since the FDA has yet to approve kratom, no one can sell it with the intent that the customer ingests it. You will not find it at big chains like Target or Walmart either. Health-food chains like GNC also do not carry it, nor do pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS. That said, your local pharmacy is more likely to carry kratom products, as maybe your local health-food store. Local companies that operate in regions where kratom is legal are less likely to have a standardized national inventory that excludes kratom.

Another reason large companies like Walgreens might not invest in having kratom on their shelves is that they must stock tons of products at once. There might not be enough kratom to have kratom in every Walgreens. Likewise, the FDA already tried to ban kratom once. If the federal agency is successful at banning kratom, Walgreens would then have to quickly get rid of products in over 9,000 stores. With a murky future ahead for kratom, it can be smarter for large chains to wait and see what happens.

Many vendors also choose to steer clear of high-risk credit card transactions, since these types of vendor options tend to cost more. Without getting into the logistics, there is more fraud in the kratom industry than in many other industries. Thus, large credit card companies charge more to process kratom transactions. Some will not do kratom transactions at all. It makes the checkout process clunkier and costs Walgreens more to train employees. Ultimately, the cost might make the kratom even less worthwhile, which lays the groundwork for our next section.


Does it Matter That Walgreens Doesn’t Sell Kratom?

Just like our initial questions, the answer, in short, is “no.” You should not care that Walgreens does not sell kratom. Without a doubt, the best place to purchase kratom is online. Unless you have a special personal connection that gets you a high-quality product for a low price, you are better off going through a trusted online kratom vendor.

You can read through forums and reviews for suggestions of which vendors have the best prices, products, and people. There is no reason to risk buying kratom in person, where you might get ripped off on price, quality, or experience. Though a great in-person vendor can be a nice source of information on kratom and its use, it often is not worth the price. Usually, having a local go-to kratom source is best for when you are awaiting a shipment or you are between vendors. In short, buying kratom locally is best in a pinch. It usually costs more for a lower-quality product.

There are some brick-and-mortar spots that do kratom right, but they are few and far between. It is hard to imagine that if you could buy kratom at Walgreens, it would be a good price or good quality. If you must buy locally, and kratom is legal in your town, you will have plenty of options that would compete with Walgreens.


Where to find Kratom

As stated, your best option for kratom is online. That said, many online vendors operate in one or a few towns, so you should check if your neighborhood has a renowned kratom vendor. It might be nice to pick up your regular order if it costs the same as ordering online. The reason people recommend online vendors is for the price and quality.

You can also find kratom at local convenience stores and gas stations. Do your research on brands to ensure you do not get ripped off, and expect to pay more at these locales than online. You might also find kratom at your local smoke shop. In very forward-thinking towns, some bars have started serving kratom beverages. In short, there are many alternatives to Walgreens for buying kratom.


Final Thoughts on Walgreens Kratom

Walgreens does not sell any kratom products. They likely do not like carrying high-risk products or products that they can’t sell nationally. That said, there is no reason to lament Walgreens’ kratom shortage. There are many other places to source kratom, with plentiful online vendors. Let the internet guide you towards a choice that suits your needs and budget. There are many kratom vendors that ship quickly, responds promptly, and serve high-quality kratom at a lower cost than one can imagine Walgreens having.

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