Kratom Toss and Wash Method : A Complete Guide


Veterans and neophytes alike accept the ol’ toss and wash as the single most convenient, accessible, and effective method of kratom use. After all, it doesn’t get much easier than just shoveling a pile of kratom dust into your mouth hole and pushing it down with a swig of your favorite drink.

But the toss and wash aren’t as clean-cut as most people make it out to be. In theory, it looks straightforward. However, in practice, the toss and wash can leave you with a mouthful of bitter dryness that could make most experienced kratom users flinch. So how can you toss and wash kratom like a seasoned pro? Here’s how.

What is the Toss and Wash Method?

For the uninitiated, it pays to explore the basics. As its name suggests, the toss and wash offer kratom users an uncomplicated intake experience. Simply put, it entails taking a measured dose of powder into your mouth (the toss), and then swallowing it in its entirety with the help of a beverage of your choice (the wash.)

People advocate for the toss-and-wash method for a bunch of reasons (which we’ll get into later.) But for the most part, it gets major credit for its straightforward process that requires very little technique, tools, or experience.

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What are the Benefits of the Toss and Wash Method?

There’s more to tossing and washing than just convenience. This method of kratom use has reached peak popularity because of a sundry of reasons that place it a cut above the rest. These include:


Once you find a kratom strain that truly meets your needs, you’re not likely to wander too far off. Sure, you might try a new product now and again. But most of the time, users tend to stick to the same kratom pick they found to be the most effective for their wellness.

Because most vendors only sell their products in powder form, kratom powder proves highly accessible to repeat customers who want the same stuff over and over again. And since the easiest way to take kratom powder is the toss and wash, you can kind of put two and two together.

Don’t get us wrong — lots of other kratom products can provide enjoyment and effects, unlike powders. But the accessibility of powder and the scarcity of other products like capsules and edibles makes the toss and wash a no-brainer method of use.


Studies that explore the potency of tossing and washing powder versus other methods remain insufficient. But even then, there’s enough anecdotal evidence across the web to give the theory some hold.

According to veteran kratom users, taking raw, unadulterated powder provides a more powerful, profound experience than other forms. The reason? Well, tossing and washing kratom powder eliminates any added ingredients, flavorings, artificial colors, and various other additives that could dampen the herb’s effects.

In tossing and washing kratom, you leave zero room for ingredients included in products like kratom energy drinks and edibles. So you get your alkaloid dose in its true, raw form, and thus improve absorption into the gut.


Let’s face it — kratom products can get crazy expensive. If you need a dose of kratom every so often, taking it as an edible can put a serious dent in your wallet. On the other hand, kratom powder remains relatively cheap making it an ideal choice for long-term kratom use.

One of the reasons why tossing and washing have become so popular is because it costs the least. With a bag of wholesale kratom, you’ve got yourself more than a few months’ worths of doses. And if you really want to cheap out, you can just wash it all down with a swig of fresh, clean water.

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Do Tossing and Washing Have Drawbacks?

There’s no such thing as the perfect method of use, after all. Just like every other mechanism of kratom usage, tossing and washing come with unique difficulties. These drawbacks can make the method a little less than ideal for some, which explains why a variety of other methods remain relevant today.

For the most part, the biggest pain about tossing and washing is the flavor and texture of kratom powder. Kratom isn’t necessarily a flavorful herb. The stuff can be immensely bitter and may offend the tastebuds of people with low tolerances.

On top of the taste is the texture. Kratom powder usually comes in an ultra-fine grind that makes it intensely dry. As you toss the stuff into your pie hole, you’ll notice that it clings to the walls of the mouth and invades every corner and crevice.

This is why it’s called the toss and wash — because kratom is just too dry to swallow on its own. Altogether, the taste and texture come together for a duality of oral discomfort that can make veteran users squirm.

Tips for Tossing and Washing Kratom

If you’re new to the scene or if your last toss and wash attempt ended in a violent coughing fit, we’ve got you covered. Try these tips the next time you attempt the method so you can look as cool as the kratom guys down at the vape shop.

  • Split large doses. If you need to take a significant amount of kratom per dose, then you can split it into two separate tosses. This helps reduce the amount of powder in your mouth at a given time so you’re not overwhelmed by its taste and texture.
  • Try juice or soda. Some people find that washing down with plain old water leaves kratom’s flavor lingering. Fortunately, you can always just wash it all down with juice, soda, or any other beverage of your choice to mask the taste.
  • Toss with tact. No matter how much in a hurry you are, it helps if you toss with tact. Keeping all the powder on the middle of your tongue, in a nice clean mound prevents it from getting into all your mouth’s nooks and crannies.
  • Avoid swallowing dry kratom. Unless you’ve had extensive experience with raw, dry, kratom powder in the past, it’s not typically recommended that you swallow that stuff as is. Taking down a toss with nothing but saliva can leave you in a serious coughing fit.

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Open Up the Hatch!

Convenient, easy, and accessible, tossing and washing kratom has become the method of choice for many kratom users for good reasons. Although it might challenge your senses during those first few tries, a few methods of use can compete with the toss-in wash in the departments of efficiency and cost.

Make sure to follow these tips for your next toss and wash so you can down your dose like the pros.

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