Kratom Over the Counter : States with Kratom Regulations and Tips for Buying Kratom

Technically, you can buy kratom over the counter in several U.S. states since it’s not regulated under the Controlled Substance Act. The herb is primarily available in convenience stores, smoke shops, and specialized stores; you don’t need a prescription to buy it.

However, some states and cities have imposed regulations and bans on kratom because they believe it’s addictive and contributes to the opioid addiction crisis. Read on to learn which areas don’t allow the sale of kratom. We’ve also thrown in some tips to buy kratom online or offline.

States That Don’t Sell Kratom Over the Counter

Here are some states that don’t sell kratom over the counter:


In 2016, the state of Alabama classified kratom as a Schedule 1 substance. This means that kratom is in the same category as ecstasy, cannabis, heroin, and LSD. So users cannot buy or sell kratom anywhere in Alabama. Kratom use is also punishable under the law in the state.


In 2015, Arkansas included kratom’s main alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-OH), in its list of controlled substances.

This meant that kratom would be classified under Schedule 1 substances, so Arkansas residents or those who plan on visiting cannot buy, sell, or use the herb.

City of San Diego

The San Diego Municipal Code prohibits kratom sales. The city decided to ban kratom’s sale, possession, and use in 2016. They argued that they did not find convincing evidence to prove the substance was safe.

The possession of kratom in San Diego is a misdemeanor, and selling kratom would land you a felony.


In 2014, the Indiana senate classified mitragynine and 7-OH as synthetic substances. This meant that kratom was a Schedule 1 substance and thus illegal statewide.

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Kratom is illegal in Vermont. Vermont law considers mitragynine and 7-OH as controlled substances. This means that you can’t buy kratom over the counter in Vermont.


You can’t buy kratom legally in Wisconsin. In 2014, the Wisconsin senate passed a bill prohibiting mitragynine and 7-HO. Hence, kratom ended up on the list of Schedule I substances.

Rhode Island

In 2017, Rhode Island joined the list of states that imposed a ban on kratom. This was on the back of FDA warnings on the potential risks inflicted by kratom. (

So the local legislators added the two main kratom alkaloids to the state’s Uniform Controlled Substances Act. This made using and selling kratom illegal in the state and its principal towns, including Warwick, Newport, Cranston, and Providence.

Sarasota County

In 2014, Sarasota County enacted an ordinance to outlaw kratom. They considered the herb as a designer drug like bath salts. So you can’t buy the herb from online vendors or in retail shops in the county.

Where to Buy Quality Over-the-Counter Kratom

image of planet x vapor & smoke shop to buy quality over the counter kratom

Planet X Vapor & Smoke Shop

If you live in Anchorage or plan on visiting, you can drop by Planet X Vapor & Smoke Shop for some quality kratom. It stocks a wide range of popular lab-tested kratom on its shelves and has the best customer service in Anchorage.

Los Feliz Smoke Shop

Many local shops across the Golden State sell kratom. One example is Los Feliz Smoke Shop in Los Angeles. The shop has an extensive product range and excellent customer service.

Kratom Vapor CBD Shop

In Maryland, you can buy kratom from Kratom Vapor CBD Shop. The store has two shops in Baltimore: one at 3300 Eastern Ave and another at 1000 Dundalk Ave.

Here, you will find a diverse supply of kratom products. The prices are affordable, and the budtenders are friendly.

image of karmic connection to buy quality over counter kratom

Karmic Collection

This is another over-the-counter kratom store in Baltimore. It’s nestled at 508 S Broadway and operational for over two decades.

Karmic Collection has a reputation for selling quality kratom strains at competitive prices. It also has knowledgeable budtenders that offer personalized shopping experiences.

Broadway Smoke Shop

If you live in New York, you can check out the wide range of kratom products from this store on Broadway, New York. But their prices are somewhat steep, and they have a policy not to sell kratom to persons under 21 years.

Titan Kratom & CBD

Titan Kratom and CBD smoke shops have a more comprehensive range of kratom products than most smoke shops in Queens. Its prices are also considered affordable, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Tips for Buying Kratom Online or In-store

If you live in a state where kratom is legal, you can buy kratom from an online vendor. You can also buy the herb over the counter from a local shop.

Whatever choice you make, you must perform your due diligence to make sure you’re buying a quality product. Here are some factors you should consider:

AKA Certification

The American Kratom Association is an independent organization that provides certification to vendors who meet its strict manufacturing and quality control standards. You want to buy kratom from AKA certified vendor. This will give you confidence that the kratom products are pure, strong, and safe. (www/

Certificate of Analysis

This lab test report shows a kratom product’s purity and strength. You shouldn’t buy a kratom product without looking at its lab report. Otherwise, you may end up buying kratom that’s laced with contaminants such as metal and fillers.

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Company Reputation

User reviews give you first-hand information about the quality of kratom products you intend to buy from a vendor.

You don’t want to buy from a company with complaints across its reviews. Instead, find a company with a clean track record and positive customer reviews.

Selection of Strains

Kratom comes in different strains. Each stain delivers unique effects, so you must choose the right strain to enjoy your kratom experience.

Look for a vendor offering a wide selection of kratom strains. You will find not only the strains you want but also other strains that you never knew existed.

The Bottom Line

Kratom is not a controlled substance under federal law. That means you can find it over the counter in several states in the US. However, other states have banned the sale and use of kratom. This is why you should ensure you’re in a state where kratom is legal before you try to buy the herb over the counter. While at it, make sure you buy kratom from reputable vendors to avoid kratom-related health risks.

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