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A Complete Guide On The Kratom Oil

What is Kratom Oil?

Kratom oil is the general name for concentrated kratom dissolved in oil. There are many different ways to consume kratom. Concentrated kratom is any kratom distilled into its component alkaloids and repackaged in an easy-to-consume product. Kratom concentrates come as powders, tinctures, and oils. As such, they can also be readily mixed into several recipes. Some adventurous kratom vendors will sell kratom-infused food items.

There are advantages to each kind of kratom concentrate. For the most part, people take concentrates to gain more access to kratom’s component alkaloids. In kratom leaves, many alkaloids are in the cell walls. Your body has a hard time digesting plant cell walls, which means some of the alkaloids in kratom pass right through you.

By breaking them apart beforehand and dissolving the contents in a solvent like oil, you can create a more pleasant kratom experience. Also, the body is made to absorb oil, so oil is a better carrier for kratom alkaloids than many other solvents.

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Types of Kratom Oil

There are about as many ways to make kratom oil as you can imagine. The most involved processes include distillation, similar to making essential oils. You can also make cold press kratom, which works well if you have a high-pressure press. There is also solvent extraction, the easiest method to try at home. You can try various solvents with solvent extraction, including oil, water, and alcohol.

Oils that work best for solvent extraction include coconut oil, butter, and avocado oil. These oils are fatty, so they do a great job of helping your body absorb kratom alkaloids. Coconut oil is likely the best in this regard, and it is healthy and vegan. Butter is delicious, so there is no way you can go wrong with kratom butter. Avocado oil is a solid choice but expensive.

Kratom, like most living things, contains natural oils. These become the solvent in distillation. Distillation is the process of using steam to separate the volatile components from kratom. It is the same way people make essential oils from any plant. There are certainly other kinds of kratom oil, so be sure to do your own research.

Where to Buy Kratom Oil

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In general, kratom users should find kratom oil at places that usually sell kratom. In states where kratom sale is legal, you can find kratom oil in head shops, gas stations, and kratom stores. It might even be sold over the bar at kava bars. Where kratom is legal, you can order kratom from online kratom vendors.

While there will be several vendors that work exclusively with plain plant material, many more vendors sell kratom concentrates like kratom oil. You might want to check your favorite kratom forum or social media board to find which vendor you should go to for oil. Many vendors specialize in different aspects of the kratom market, so you might find that your vendor choice for kratom powder and oil is not the same.

When looking for new kratom oil or kratom products in general, start with a small amount. Try finding vendors that deal in sample packs or small amounts to start. Kratom oil can have a much stronger effect than you are used to as a regular kratom user, so you will want to take things slow.

You also want to take things slow so that if you do not like it, you do not have a ton of leftover kratom oil you will not use. Kratom oil is fantastic, but everyone has different preferences. When looking for kratom oil, try finding vendors that deal in sample packs or small amounts to start.

How to Make Kratom Oil at Home

image of how to make kratom oil at home

Making kratom oil is a simple process that you can take care of at home. For starters, you will want a kratom that you like. Spend some time trying different kratom varieties until you have a brand and strain that you trust. Once you do, decide whether you want to make solvent-extracted or distilled oil. Solvent-extracted oil might be easier since it uses materials you already have in your kitchen.

For distillation, you need some materials like a condenser, two different size containers, a lid, and a separator. You can buy an entire set that is ready to use, and this is likely your best bet if you do not have experience making kratom oil on your own. There are tutorial videos online for this process, too.

For butter, you simply need a slow cooker, water, oil, and kratom. You can also use a pot on the stove, but you will need to monitor it to ensure you do not burn your kratom. Essentially, you cook the kratom in butter and water.

The oil will naturally dissolve any alkaloids and separate them from the water, which can be discarded. The trashed water will also contain most of the bitter compounds, so you are making concentrated kratom that tastes better than normal kratom.

Kratom Oil Benefits

There are several benefits to kratom oil. As mentioned, when you chew kratom leaves or eat kratom powder, your body can not access the full range of alkaloids present in the kratom. For that reason, breaking down the kratom leaves and dissolving them in a solvent creates a more potent kratom experience.

You will also find kratom oil more convenient since you can accomplish similar effects to mouthfuls of kratom with drops of kratom oil. On top of this, kratom oil tends to taste better than pure kratom. Since kratom oil is more potent, discreet, and tastier than plain kratom, it seems like a no-brainer to at least see if it is right for you.

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Kratom oil is a general name for concentrated kratom products. It gives you access to a wider range of kratom benefits and it makes your kratom habit more discreet.

Not only that, but it means you can use less to do more. You can either buy kratom oil products or make them yourself. Make sure to get from a trusted vendor and start slow with kratom oil as you would any other kratom product.

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