Kratom Infused Drinks: What Are They & Are They Worth It?


Kratom is arguably one of the most widely-used recreational substances right now. Over the past few years, it has gained much traction, especially among wellness enthusiasts. Unfortunately, this popular herb doesn’t have a pleasant taste. ( Some users would describe the taste of kratom as bitter and outright unbearable.

This has prompted the innovation of numerous consumption methods that mask kratom’s bitter taste. Such popular consumption methods of kratom include capsules, flavored tinctures, and kratom-infused drinks. Below, we’re going to talk about the latter.

Keep reading to learn about kratom-infused drinks, what they are, their safety implications, and where to get them.


What Are Kratom-Infused Drinks?

Kratom drinks have come a long way from traditional kratom tea to the specially-formulated kratom-infused drinks we have on the market today. Although they’re still a relatively new addition to the market, and there are so few of them at the moment, kratom-infused drinks are growing in popularity. In fact, you should expect to see more of these products hitting the shelves very soon.

Besides masking the bitter taste of kratom, kratom-infused drinks can be combined with different strains to provide specific effects. For example, some kratom-infused drinks come loaded with White Vein Bali Kratom to provide an energizing effect. They are also combined with other substances to create delicious concoctions that all kratom users can enjoy.

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Kratom-Infused Drinks Effects

Kratom has more than 40 active alkaloids. That said, most kratom-infused drinks are made from kratom extracts, which may have a varying number of alkaloids depending on the strain and extraction method.

Depending on the dosage, these compounds produce similar effects to opioids and stimulants. In small doses of about one to five grams, kratom-infused drinks produce stimulating effects, increasing your energy and making you more social and alert.

Kratom-infused drinks with higher doses of about 5 to 15 grams (these are pretty rare) have sedating effects, similar to that of opioids such as codeine and morphine. These might make you feel more relaxed and sometimes tired.


Are Kratom-Infused Drinks Safe?

Kratom is pretty safe, for the most part. In fact, most kratom users have reported getting numerous benefits from the plant. In the same measure, kratom has some pretty nasty side effects when used in moderation.

Like all kratom products, kratom-infused drinks are not approved by the FDA for medical purposes. The DEA has also listed kratom as a drug of concern. In fact, not so long ago, both the FDA and DEA were pushing for a total ban on the substance.

That being said, kratom is still illegal in some parts of the world, including some states in the United States. Some countries also control it under their narcotic laws.

However, despite its legal status, kratom is still regarded as relatively safe across the kratom community.

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Where to Buy Kratom-Infused Drinks

Like most kratom products, you can buy kratom drinks from online vendors. However, since they’re a relatively new addition to the market, most vendors don’t stock kratom-infused drinks, at least not yet. That said, here are two reputable brands that sell high-quality kratom-infused drinks:


OPMS is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to kratom extracts. It has gained a reputation as among the best kratom brands in the market since 2013. The brand appeals to both high-end and local stores, so you’ll probably find its products stocked by your favorite vendor.

The company has been in business for more than a decade. In that time, it has managed to streamline its operations, ramp up production, and provide competitive prices on all its products.

The OPMS kratom-infused drink is made from high-quality kratom extracts combined with other substances that mask kratom’s harsh aroma. The resulting effect is a sweet drink that brings the effects of kratom without its bitter taste.


MIT45 kratom-infused drinks get their name from their 45 percent alkaloid content, which is among the highest on the market. It also means you’ll get your desired effects without having to drink too much.

All the brand’s products are made using natural Maeng Da Kratom, one of the strongest kratom strains on the market. Like the previous pick, the MIT 45 kratom-infused drink comes loaded with lots of flavors that work well to mask the bitter taste of kratom.

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Pros and Cons of Kratom-Infused Drinks

Kratom-infused drinks offer plenty of benefits, but that doesn’t mean they don’t present a few limitations as well. Here’s what to expect from kratom-infused drinks.


  • They’re delicious. Not everyone likes the bitter, natural taste of kratom. In fact, most kratom users hate it. Kratom-infused drinks come in different flavors that provide an exciting way to enjoy your favorite herb.
  • Flexibility. Kratom-infused drinks come in small packages, making them perfect for travel. All you need is a few bags and access to hot water, and you’re good to go.
  • Minimal preparation time. Not everyone has the luxury of waiting half an hour for their kratom to steep. Fortunately, with kratom-infused drinks, you don’t have to deal with the steeping period. They are specially formulated, so they don’t need much heating to activate the active alkaloids in the kratom.


  • Higher likelihood of getting side effects. Kratom-infused drinks are made from extracts. Most products have alkaloid contents ranging from 30 percent to 50 percent, which is pretty high, considering the effectiveness of kratom even in low doses. This significantly increases your chances of getting side effects, especially if you take too much of it.
  • You’ll miss out on the authentic, natural kratom flavor: Let’s face it. Not everyone hates the taste of kratom; some people actually love it. If you’re among the latter, you’ll be substituting kratom’s natural flavor for ‘sweeter’ alternatives like strawberry.

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Are There Any Alternatives to Kratom-Infused Drinks?

Yes, there are available alternatives to these drinks. If you don’t like the idea of flavored extracts, there are tons of alternatives you can use. Orange juice and kratom mix is perhaps the most popular alternative. But you can also go for more concentrated alternatives like kratom shots.


The Bottom Line

Kratom-infused drinks are the latest addition to the kratom banner, and they’re taking the market by storm. These sweet herbal alternatives offer an exciting way to enjoy your favorite herbs without having to deal with their bitter taste. There are only a few brands currently making these awesome products. But as their popularity grows, we’re likely to see other brands jumping onto the kratom-infused drinks bandwagon.

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