Kratom for Creativity : Does it Work?


Many creative people recommend using certain natural supplements to expand the mind. Other creatively inclined individuals also consume substances to prepare themselves for exploring the more playful side of life.

Making great art often demands getting in touch with your inner child. Plants like kratom are conducive to opening your mind up for exploration. Kratom can be both relaxing and uplifting. It can put your mind into a state of ease where it can readily latch onto new ideas.

If you find yourself interested in kratom and love stretching the bounds of your creative process, consider doing the two in tandem. While there is no scientific data to support that kratom benefits you creatively, or in any way, for that matter, at worst, you will have a nice time working on art and using this wonderful botanical supplement.

A Quick Disclaimer on Kratom Use

Kratom is not known to have any concrete therapeutic uses. While many people advocate for its health benefits, including some scientific researchers, there is no broad scientific consensus on kratom. Because of little research on kratom, you should exercise caution when taking kratom at all. Always consult a health professional before trying any supplement.

Also, take things slow. By easing into kratom, you can more accurately determine which types of kratom work well for you. There are many kinds of kratom that impact the mind differently. If you find one type of kratom that works at boosting your creativity, it is not guaranteed all kratom products will. The inverse is also true: if one kratom does not work for your creative process, it could just be a dud strain.

Since more creativity can help beyond just artistic practices, this is an area ripe for research. Many people connect creative thinking to career success, intelligence, and many other skills. If kratom can help you be more creative, it might also be of help to many other aspects of life.

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White Kratom and Creativity

There are many kinds of kratom. Most kratom strains come as white vein, red vein, or green vein kratom. White vein kratom comes from the least mature leaves, which are pale green (hence the name “white”). The light coloration is because the leaves’ alkaloids have yet to fully oxidize. The white kratom leaves have a higher ratio of mitragynine than the green or red versions of the same strain.

The more mature leaves have a higher ratio of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Mitragynine is thought to be the key to kratom’s more invigorating side. Kratom has effects ranging from uplifting and stimulating to relaxing and drowsing. White kratom leans more into the former side of these effects.

If you are looking for a kratom to improve your creativity, you should consider white kratom above the other kinds. It is thought to be better at enhancing focus and productivity. That said, there’s no harm in exploring other types of kratom to see how these varieties affect your mental state.

Why White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is the quintessential morning kratom. As with coffee drinkers, white kratom users think that it can give a jumpstart to the day. Waking you up and making you focused are two ways in which white kratom might help with creativity.

Because white kratom can make you more focused, your attention to your creative practice becomes more finely tuned. If white vein kratom does not end up making you more focused, you may find its effects on creativity to be lackluster. At worst, though, you should end up with more energy to exert yourself creatively.

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Anecdotes about Kratom and Its Effects on Creativity

If you go to kratom forums, you can usually find many users lauding the effects of kratom on creativity. Most kratom forums have subsections for visual artists, musicians, and all other kinds of creative people. Many of these forums include lengthy discussions on kratom’s effect on the creative process.

People tend to compare kratom to coffee in its ability to keep them on track with their art or work. Kratom will not make you produce better quality art, and no substance has this magic effect. Honing a creative skill requires practice and there are no shortcuts. That said, kratom can make practicing easier by keeping you more alert and focused.

By allowing for more productive practice periods, kratom can help make you better at achieving the outcome you desire from your creativity.

Why You Should or Should Not Use Kratom for Creativity

There is no scientific evidence backing kratom’s benefits on creativity. Most people that claim kratom helps them creatively are explaining their own experiences. Though it might be interesting, it can be hard to look at several people’s personal experiences for conclusions. Who knows what other factors are at play?

Perhaps people who find kratom helps with creativity are also implementing other useful habits into their creativity. Likely, too, is that some placebo effect is at play. If someone wants kratom to help them creatively, the inner desire to improve creatively will play out to a degree, too.

Without comprehensive research using double-blind, controlled studies, it would be difficult to determine what effect, if any, kratom has on creativity. Even after plentiful research, it would still be difficult to decipher in a useful way. Also, as with anything, if kratom makes most people more creative, that does not guarantee it will do the same for you.

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Conclusion on Using Kratom for Creativity

Do not simply take what you read as all the knowledge there is to gain on kratom and its effects on creativity. If you are comfortable doing so, explore how kratom impacts your creativity. Kratom works differently for every user, so trying it yourself is the only way to tell how it works for you. Not to mention, if you already plan on trying kratom, you really have nothing to lose.

It’s best to keep in mind that kratom is not miraculous and will not unlock some latent talents you never knew you had, but its mild effects might make you calm or focused. In short, kratom could put you in a state that is more conducive to creative practice. As with anything kratom-related, exercise caution and be safe with how you approach trying to use kratom for creativity.

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