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The high demand for kratom has contributed to the flourishing online kratom marketplace. It has also attracted many unscrupulous vendors who grow and process their kratom in unsafe settings or use unethical farming techniques. This has led to the proliferation of kratom products that are low-priced but stale and inert.

Florida Fresh Botanicals, however, stands out as an authentic source of fresh kratom. The company grows its kratom on its South Central Florida farm, which only uses ethical farming techniques. And since it provides access to its third-party lab reports, you can always verify its products’ purity, authenticity, and freshness.

Read on to find out why you should make your next kratom purchase at Florida Fresh Botanicals.

The Company’s Vision

Florida Fresh Botanicals strives to become the premier supplier of U.S.-grown kratom products. The company knows that most kratom consumers prefer fresh organic leaf kratom. That’s why it aims to provide kratom consumers access to fresh organic kratom farmed in Florida.

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The Launch of Florida Fresh Botanicals

Florida Fresh Botanicals resulted from one of the founding partners wanting a supply of kratom he could trust. This was because he was often dissatisfied with the quality of kratom he bought from local vendors.

Upon inquiry, he discovered that Indonesia was the source market for most of the kratom products sold in the U.S. Sadly, most native farmers don’t apply professional harvesting and production standards.

He once fell sick after a wrong kratom purchase. And from that day, he decided to farm his kratom for personal use. He bought a few plants from a reputable source and started farming in his backyard.

The Expansion Phase

What began as a hobby grew into something significant when the founder established a friendship with a Ph.D. holder in horticulture from the University of Florida, who also doubles up as the director of the biggest vertical farm in Florida.

The pair had a passion for sustainable farming and loved the kratom plant. They decided to join hands and grow kratom sustainably on a 20-acre South Central Florida Farm.

Growing kratom in South Central Florida has a higher success rate than in other parts of the country. That’s because the climatic conditions in the region mimic those in Southeast Asian countries where kratom thrives.

The area enjoys the following conditions that are suitable for successful kratom growth:

  • Warm temperatures
  • High humidity
  • Rain

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Sustainable Farming Techniques

Florida Fresh Botanicals uses sustainable farming techniques to grow kratom. These include using locally sourced, eco-friendly fertilizers such as cow dung and growing kratom plants surrounded by companion crops. This technique provides the following benefits:

  • Improves nitrogen use in plants
  • Creates carbon channels
  • Reduces water consumption

The company also routinely tests the soil, water, and kratom leaves during growth stages. This ensures effective management of beneficial microbes, pH levels, and bicarbonate presence. And the result is high-quality kratom leaves.

What Can You Buy From Florida Fresh Botanicals

Florida Fresh Botanicals has a limited yet exciting product line, which includes:

Florida Fresh Raw Leaf

You can get fresh raw kratom leaves from Florida Fresh Botanicals. They come in two size packs:

  • 12-pack at $12
  • 24-pack at $20

Florida Dry Leaf

If you’re a fan of kratom tea, you can steam-dry kratom leaves in hot water and add a sweetener like honey or lime juice to mask the bitter taste. An ounce of fresh, dried kratom leaf from Florida Fresh Botanicals retails for only $16.00.

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Red Kratom Strains

Red kratom strains have a high concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids. As such, they are fast-acting and deliver strong effects. You can get 500 grams of your favorite red kratom strain at Florida Fresh Botanicals for only $80.00.

White Kratom Strains

Users prefer white kratom strains for their nootropic or stimulant-like effects. Users report getting a clear-headed buzz and a gush of physical energy after consuming the strains.

That’s because they have higher concentrations of mitragynine, the alkaloid that produces similar stimulant effects as caffeine. Five hundred grams of your favorite white vein kratom at Florida Fresh Botanicals goes for $80.00.

Green Kratom Strains

The effects of green kratom strains sit somewhere in the middle. Some are on the stimulating end of the spectrum, while others lean toward the sedative side.

It will cost you only $80.00 to get your hands on 500 grams of your preferred green kratom strains from Florida Fresh Botanicals.

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Benefits of Buying Kratom From Florida Fresh Botanicals

  • 100% chemical-free kratom: Florida Fresh Botanicals doesn’t use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on its products. The growth of kratom depends on the natural conditions of the soil. As such, you get a healthier kratom leaf with higher nutritional value.
  • Fresh leaf: The company only processes fresh kratom, reflected in the leaf’s robust and sharp scent with herbal aromatic notes. The company also packages its products in airtight, sealed bags to keep kratom as fresh as possible during shipping.
  • Consistency: The high-quality kratom powder has a light, fine-grain consistency that looks almost the same as flour.
  • Competitive pricing: Florida Fresh Botanicals’ prices are pretty affordable. At just $80, you can get 500 grams of kratom powder.
  • Fast shipping: The company will ship your kratom consignment within a day of receiving your order. Product delivery typically takes 2 to 3 business days to reach your doorstep.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right kratom vendor is essential if you’re passionate about environmental protection and sustainable farming. Florida Fresh Botanicals ticks all the boxes as a reliable supplier of U.S grown kratom.

The company farms kratom through ethical farming techniques. It also takes harvested kratom batches for testing in independent, third-party laboratories. You can view the lab reports to verify that the kratom products are free of chemicals, heavy metals, or artificial fillers. (Modafinil)

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