Kratom Delivery – What You Need to Know


Kratom is a fan favorite among many health enthusiasts who prefer plant-based supplements. Users love this unique herbal plant for its relaxation, energizing, and soothing effects, depending on the strain used. What they love even more is having their packages delivered to their doorsteps. As such, kratom and local delivery make a perfect match.

Below, we look at whether it’s possible to have your favorite kratom strain delivered straight to your door. Read on for more insight.

What Are Kratom Door-to-Door Delivery Services?

Just like any other commodity, you can have kratom delivered straight to your doorstep in minutes. However, not all kratom vendors have the financial muscle to make door-to-door deliveries. They partner with third-party, local delivery services that deliver customer orders on their behalf within a particular delivery zone.

Larger kratom vendors may oversee all operational aspects of their door-to-door delivery processes. They may even have their in-house delivery management system to manage drivers, plan transport routes, deliver orders, and ensure adherence to kratom delivery laws.

While the process of kratom delivery may differ from one vendor to another, the fact remains that kratom delivery is safe, discreet, and convenient.

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Challenges of Kratom Door-to-Door Delivery

Kratom door-to-door delivery is not clearly established because very few third-party couriers do kratom delivery. For example, Doordash, a popular food delivery platform, prohibits the delivery of recreational drugs like kratom.

Here’s why:

Kratom’s Legality

While kratom is legal at the federal level, its legal status at the state and local levels keeps changing frequently. Some states and local jurisdictions have banned it completely. These include Vermont, Alabama, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Indiana. The rest of the states have regulated its use.


The FDA (Food Drug Administration) approves drugs based on scientific evidence showing that the drug is safe for human use. So far, FDA has not approved the safety of kratom use. Thus, Doordash considers kratom unsafe.

Buying Kratom From a Headshop

Depending on your location, you may be able to buy kratom at a headshop near you. A private local delivery service may or may not pick up your kratom order from the headshop and deliver it to your doorstep. It all depends on whether or not they have a partnership with the headshop near you.

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Top Kratom Vendors With Next-Day Delivery

There are many kratom vendors out there, all promising you the finest product quality, wide product selection, competitive prices, and free shipping. While this may sound good, the reality may be far from what it seems to be.

When it comes to kratom delivery, you’re bound to experience shipping delays, especially since some kratom vendors receive more orders than they can fulfill. The good news is that you won’t have to endure such issues any longer. Here is a list of kratom vendors with next-day delivery available to kratom enthusiasts.

Kratom Spot

Established in 2016, Kratom Spot is a reputable kratom vendor in the online market. Currently, the vendor offers over 30 different kratom varieties. It also offers great shipping deals that you can’t afford to miss out on. For example, orders worth $50 and above often come with free shipping and delivery.

What’s more interesting is that delivery is fast; orders placed early in the day are shipped on the same day and delivered the next day.

Get Kratom

Get Kratom has established a reputation for itself for its fast delivery services. It offers a wide range of products on its menu, including kratom powder, extracts, and capsules. Whatever you order from getting Kratom, you can expect it to be shipped to your doorstep on the same day.

Left Coast

Left Coast is a well-established brand offering top-quality kratom products with lab-test results. It offers a wide range of fan-favorite kratom strains, including Green Malay, Red Borneo, White Maeng Da, and Red Bali, among many others. All orders placed before 2 PM enjoy free same-day shipping. However, orders over $99 are subject to next-day delivery.


Kraken is a top-rated American kratom vendor with 100 percent pure and lab-tested products. Some of the product categories on its menu include capsules, powder, dried leaves, and liquid extracts. Kraken provides same-day shipping for all orders placed before 2 PM. Next-day order delivery occurs via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Kratom Krates

Kratom Krates sells kratom products in bulk, unlike the other vendors mentioned above. The vendor is GMP-certified and stocks various products, including kratom powders, capsules, extracts, and strains.

Like other top kratom vendors, this brand ensures each kratom batch is lab-tested to ensure safety from heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial toxins. And more importantly, the company uses first-class mail, priority mail, and priority mail express to deliver its products. If you placed an order today with Kratom Krates, you could expect delivery at least the next day. That’s how fast they deliver purchase orders.

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The Bottom Line

Shipping delays and inconsistent shipping fees are some of the most common occurrences in the kratom industry, which explains why many customers don’t proceed with their shopping carts during checkout.

If you’re a kratom vendor, think about implementing local delivery through your staff drivers or partnering with a third-party delivery service. This way, you can avoid delivery delays and provide better shipping rates.

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