Kratom Dabs : How Safe Are They and Can You Buy Them Online?

As kratom becomes more popular, people are figuring out new creative ways of using it. One of the most recent trends in the kratom community is kratom resin, which has given birth to kratom dabs.

Kratom dabs allow you to consume extremely concentrated forms of the herb, making it popular among kratom enthusiasts who have developed a tolerance. If you’re thinking of jumping onto the kratom dabs bandwagon, here is some information you might find helpful in making a decision.


Dabbing or ‘doing a dab’ is a way of smoking kratom at an extreme concentration level. In this case, kratom resin. Unlike other methods of kratom consumption, you need special equipment to dab kratom, including a pipe and a hand-held blowtorch.

When you bring the flames into contact with the kratom resin on your pipe, the resin quickly evaporates, releasing smoke. The smoke can then be inhaled through the pipe’s mouthpiece. Due to the incredibly great concentration of alkaloids in kratom resin, kratom dabs are mainly standard among more experienced kratom users.

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There is little research on the effects of dabbing kratom, so it may still be unsafe to try out this new means of consuming kratom. Unfortunately, the resin is much more concentrated than regular kratom powder, making it more difficult to dose.

There’s also the issue of rapid absorption. Dabbing kratom forces the alkaloids into your brain faster than other consumption methods. This is because dabbing pulls the alkaloids into your lungs, which are absorbed directly into your blood through the alveoli. The result is a faster, harder-hitting euphoria, which may not be suitable for inexperienced users.


Kratom is a popular herb with limited side effects in low doses. Its delayed onset of effects gives you some time to settle in as you anticipate its results. However, things take a completely different turn with kratom dabs.

For starters, kratom dabs give you an instant euphoria, which is often hard-hitting. This, coupled with the difficulty in dosing kratom resin, leaves you susceptible to the negative side effects of kratom. And since you’re taking so much of it, you may also experience more adverse side effects of kratom, like hallucinations, difficulty breathing, and even death. There’s also limited research on kratom dabs, so you should be cautious when taking them.

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Searching for kratom dabs online won’t generate any results. You’ll get tons of other forms of kratom concentrates, like tinctures, powdered extracts, and resin. But since we’re discussing dabbing, you can go with the latter.

You can buy kratom resin from your favorite vendor. You can also make it at home, but the process is complicated, and you may produce a contaminated sample.


Dabbing kratom isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re starting on kratom. That’s because kratom powder’s dosage process is a little more complicated. The process typically involves specialized tools, which include the following:

  • A dab rig
  • A dab nail for storing resin
  • A dabber for loading kratom on the nail
  • A carb cap for regulating workflow
  • A torch

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Once you have your dab rig all setup and your kratom resin peppered on the dabber. The experience might be a little intense, so you should sit down in a comfortable place. (

  • Step 1:

Use your torch to heat the nail directly. Some people do it until the nail is red-hot.

  • Step 2:

Turn off your torch once the nail is hot enough. You might need to let the nail cool down if you overheat it.

  • Step 3:

Use your dabber to apply your kratom resin directly on the nail and begin inhaling slowly. You can rotate your dabber’s tip on the nail to avoid wasting any resin still stuck on the dabber. (buy modafinil dubai)


Kratom dabs are the newest trend in kratom consumption, but are they safe? Some experienced kratom users argue that kratom dabs offer an easier way of instantly getting the effects of kratom.

However, considering the lack of reliable research on kratom dabbing and the risks that come with it, it might be safer to use other consumption methods. These methods include the good-old toss-and-wash and consuming kratom edibles or tinctures.

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