Kratom Blends: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been using kratom for a while and have probably tried all the plant’s strains. You’ve probably heard of kratom blends in your search for a better kratom experience.

But, what exactly are kratom blends, what benefits do they offer, and how can you create a kratom blend that perfectly suits your needs? Read on to find out.

What Are Kratom Blends?

Kratom blends are a mixture of two or more strains chosen due to their unique qualities, then carefully measured and blended. The primary purpose of mixing different kratom strains is to leverage the best qualities of each strain to create a blend perfectly suited to your needs.

Are Kratom Blends Safe?

Yes, kratom blends are completely safe. You can safely mix two or more kratom strains without the risk of food poisoning or adverse side effects. But, like with every other kratom-related subject, your overall experience ultimately depends on the strains you use and the dosage you take.

Therefore, it is advisable to only mix strains that complement each other. This way, you stand a higher chance of getting a blend that accentuates the best qualities of each strain without so much of the bad.

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What Are the Benefits of Kratom Blends?

Personalizes Your Kratom Experience

Imagine having a kratom regiment to suit your every need. That’s what you get with kratom blends. You can mix different kratom strains to get different results. For example, you can have a kratom blend for motivation and another for relaxation.

Fights Off Stagnant Strain Syndrome

Every kratom enthusiast has had to deal with stagnant strain syndrome at one point in their lives. Sometimes, even the most potent strain doesn’t get you going, at least not like it used to. This doesn’t happen because your kratom is going bad. But rather due to an increased tolerance towards certain strains, popularly coined as stagnant strain syndrome.

Luckily, you can still enjoy the benefits you gain from your favorite strains by combining them with more potent strains that produce the same effects.

You Get to Experiment With Different Strains

Have you ever wondered how different strains interact with one another? Well, with kratom blends, you can put your favorite kratom strains to the test. You might just develop a blend that will completely revolutionize your kratom experience.

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What Are Some of the Best Kratom Blends?

The kratom blend you choose to go for comes down to your desired effects. Perhaps you want to accentuate the stimulant properties of one strain. Or maybe you want the energizing effects of one strain with the relaxing effects of another to get a more well-rounded experience. Whatever your reasons may be, here is a list of some of the best kratom blends to keep in mind:

Green and White Vein Kratom Blends

Are you a white vein kratom lover but often find it too energizing? Well, you can combine it with green vein kratom to counter the overly-energizing effects.

Green and Red Vein Kratom Blends

Red Vein kratom is good for relaxation. That said, some users find the calming effect too overwhelming, causing them to feel sleepy. If you’re in the same predicament, perhaps you could try mixing red-vein kratom with green-vein kratom. Green vein kratom has mildly energizing effects, which work well to counter the calming effects of red vein kratom, resulting in more balanced effects.

White and Red Vein Kratom Blends

If you enjoy green vein kratom, then you’re going to love this blend. White and red vein kratom blends produce similar but more powerful effects than green vein kratom.

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Other popular kratom blends include:

  • Red Bali and Green Malay Kratom blends are great for relief and relaxation.
  • Red Vein Borneo and Red Vein Sumatra are perfect for relaxation as well.
  • Green Malay and White Maeng Da offer a fantastic morning pick-me-up experience and will leave you energized throughout the day.
  • White Borneo and Green Horn kratom blends offer uplifting effects.
  • White Maeng Da and White Vein Thai make the best kratom blend for anyone looking for enhanced stimulating effects.

How to Make Kratom Blends at Home

There are tons of kratom blends on the market. But if you are more of a DIY kind of person, here’s how to make your own kratom blends at home:

Step One: Choose Your Blends

Think about the effects you’re trying to get from the blend, then use the guidelines above to pick the best strains to combine. If you’re a beginner, you should stick to kratom powder. But if you are an experienced user, you can also use kratom extracts.

Step Two: Measure Your Dose

The effects you get from your kratom blend depend on the dosage. The most preferred ratio is 50/50. But if you prefer the effects of one strain over the other, you can opt for a 60/40 ratio.

Step Three: Blend Them Together

Once your favorite kratom strains are measured, it’s time to put them together. You can put them in a large bowl, then use a whisk or fork to blend them. You shouldn’t use an automatic mixer as it may be too powerful for fine kratom powder.

Step Four: Enjoy Your Blend

How do you like taking your kratom? Do you like the toss-and-wash method or the more subtle kratom-beverage mixture? Whatever your preference may be, you don’t have to change it on account of kratom blends. Simply take your kratom blend in whichever way you choose. You can even use a potentiator when dealing with mildly powerful kratom blends.

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The Best Places to Buy Kratom Blends Online

Most online kratom vendors offer custom kratom blends suited for a wide variety of needs. But to avoid buying substandard Kratom blends, you should only shop from reputable kratom vendors like Oasis Kratom, Super Natural Botanicals, and Kratom Spot, among others.

The Bottom Line

It’s never a dull day in the kratom community. Every now and then, a new trend comes up and completely revolutionizes how you enjoy kratom. Now, you can combine your favorite kratom strains to make a blend that suits your needs. And if you don’t want to deal with all that hassle, you can always buy kratom blends from a trusted vendor.

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