Boosting Brain Power : Does Kratom Help for Studying?

Kratom owes much of its popularity to its pain-relieving power. Considered one of the most effective herbal remedies against physical discomfort, kratom’s main selling point has to be its ache-alleviating abilities. But according to users in the academe, kratom’s benefits don’t end there.

There’s a growing population of kratom enthusiasts who claim that kratom’s chemistry might help improve studying ability. But can speciosa actually boost your brain power and get you that A+? Here’s what you need to know.


The Effects of Kratom

Most vendors who advertise kratom position its discomfort-relieving properties front and center. And for that reason, a lot of the people who look into the stuff have a very limited view of what the dynamic herb can do.

According to research and anecdotal evidence, however, there’s so much more that kratom can do. Among its diverse list of effects is a range of stimulating benefits that wake up the mind, energize the body, and bolster your resolve to get things done.

Some of the stimulating effects of kratom include:

  • Heightened energy levels
  • Willingness or desire for social stimulation
  • Upbeat, uplifted mood
  • Improved productivity and motivation
  • Sharper concentration
  • Longer attention span
  • Mental clarity
  • Stress relief
  • Improved physical performance
  • Increased libido

image of kratom effects

But the kratom coin, much like any other, has two distinct sides. While some users report experiencing many of these stimulating effects, others paint a more soothing, relaxed, and tranquilized experience. (Provigil)

Some of the more sedating effects of kratom include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • General sense of calm and well-being
  • Dreamy cognitive state
  • Pain and discomfort relief
  • Relaxed disposition
  • Reduced desire to move
  • Slowed breathing and heart rate

There’s no definite way to tell what effects you’ll get out of a kratom product. So if you were hoping to use kratom for studying, there’s the risk of getting dealt a dose of its calming, soothing, tranquilizing effects.


What Causes Changes in Kratom’s Effects?

According to experts, kratom’s effects can change depending on a number of factors. Understanding how you can control these factors can help you devise a way to conjure up kratom’s study-supportive effects when you take a dose.

The factors that can cause changes in kratom’s effects to include:

  • Body chemistry
  • Tolerance
  • Kratom strain
  • Product Quality

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Obviously, your own body chemistry isn’t something you can change. But despite that, the three remaining factors are well within your scope.

Your tolerance can impact the effects of kratom because of how it dictates doses. For instance, low-tolerance users often reach their limit even with a small kratom dose. When the body gets overwhelmed with kratom’s alkaloids, the tendency is that people to feel sleepy and relaxed.

So for people with a low tolerance, taking smaller doses may help produce more stimulating effects. In terms of kratom strain, kratom farmers assert that you can predict the effects of a kratom dose by choosing an appropriate strain.

If you read through a vendor’s copy, you’ll find that some strains more typically produce stimulating effects while others work best to induce relaxation.

And then, of course, kratom quality also plays a role. Generally, higher quality kratom with more complex alkaloid expression can produce more profound effects. In that case, low-tolerance users will have to dial down their dose.


Tips for Using Kratom for Studying

Surf the web, and you’ll find a wealth of information about real-life kratom users sharing their experiences on studying with kratom. Many of them have undoubtedly achieved success in harnessing kratom’s power to plow through school work.

The only question now is how? If it’s your first time trying to use kratom to help boost your brain power, here’s what you can do to calculate the right effects.

Choose the Right Strain

Changes in growing conditions can impact alkaloid expression. Sun exposure, water quality, soil content, and more all have an effect on the chemistry of a kratom plant. That’s why kratom varieties get named based on where they grow — because growing environments change their effects.

Some strains naturally cause more relaxing effects. But if you’re using kratom for studying, you’re going to want to coax its stimulating, awakening, energizing effects. To do that, you’re going to have to start out with a little experimentation.

Most vendors offer a sampler pack that lets you get your hands on a variety of strains in small amounts. Generally, green and white strains produce more stimulating effects. In terms of the actual variety, effects still change from batch to batch. So it helps to try a number of different picks before settling on a choice.

Stick to Smaller Doses

Bigger amounts of kratom tend to subdue the system. The overwhelming rush of alkaloids can disarm and overpower your mind and body. So the result is that you get more relaxed, tranquilized effects.

If you’re studying, the last thing you’d want would be to have to fight off the urge to lie down and nap. Thus sticking to smaller doses can help imbue your body with kratom’s stimulating, awakening effects.

For users who don’t know how much kratom to take, you can start off with a trial dose of 1g to 2g. If the effects aren’t sufficient, then you can gradually increase your intake over the succeeding doses.

As you increase your dose, you’ll reach a peak stimulation. But if you exceed this peak, you’ll start to notice that larger doses produce more drowsy effects. In that case, you would have found the ideal dose that doesn’t make you feel sleepy or subdued.

If regardless of the dose, you keep getting relaxed effects, then the strain or the product itself might not be for you. Consider switching for something else to get the ideal outcomes.

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Buy Quality Kratom Product

Not all vendors practice the same quality assurance protocol to keep their kratom fresh and clean. That’s why prices fluctuate so wildly. Whenever buying kratom, see to it that you carefully assess the vendor. Do they offer certificates of analysis that demonstrate the product’s purity and potency?

Remember, contaminants that wiggle their way into kratom won’t only pose a risk to your health, but might also water down the product’s effects. That said, it’s important that you only do business with vendors who have lab reports to support their claims of safety.

Another important thing to consider would be AKA-GMP certification. The American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices program works to audit vendors to make sure they implement the proper techniques to keep their products and facilities clean.

There are way too many AKA-GMP-certified vendors on the market today for you to be taking risks with those who don’t have it. Plus, the certification simply guarantees that the product you buy meets strict quality standards that likely improve its potency and purity.

Practice Control

Once you get the right product, strain, and dose, your study nights are gonna feel like a total breeze. So much so that studying without kratom might feel sluggish, slow, and unproductive. But be warned — some users report developing a tolerance after long-term kratom use.

When this happens, you could feel the need to take higher doses as you go along because your original dose might no longer provide the effects you need. With time, constant dose increases can get you to reach the limit of a healthy kratom dose, leading to toxicity or overdose.

That said, you should practice control whenever using kratom for studying. Users recommend taking a dose only when you really need the added brain power and motivation. Otherwise, it might not be necessary to take kratom for usual, everyday school work.

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Need a Brain Boost?

The anecdotal evidence supporting kratom as a brain-boosting substance ideal for academic work is overwhelming. And while research isn’t enough to draw any conclusions, there’s really nothing to lose.

For the record though, it might not be ideal to use the stuff every single time you sit in front of your desk. But on those nights when you just have to burn the midnight oil, tossing and washing some good ol’ kratom might help fuel your fevered study session.

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