Kratom and Sex : How This Tropical Botanical Affects Your Sex Drive

People around the globe take kratom. Its use originates in the Southeastern Pacific region of Asia, where kratom loves to grow. This region is tropical and humid with nutrient-rich soil. People now take it throughout the world for its purported benefits. People find kratom relaxing, uplifting, and good at attenuating focus.

Naturally, it makes sense to wonder how kratom might affect your sex drive. Being relaxed and energetic sounds like it could have positive effects. That said, some botanicals are known to reduce sex drive.

This guide is also by no means meant to suggest you use kratom. Kratom has different effects on everybody, and the information outlined here might not accurately depict how kratom will affect your sex drive. Still, we’ve provided a general overview of how people relate kratom to sex.


A Short Overview of Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, belongs to the Rubiaceae family of flowering plants. This family’s most famous member is coffee. That means that kratom and coffee are as closely related as we are to chimps or gorillas.

Beyond genetic relatedness, kratom compares to coffee for many reasons. Both are tropical evergreen plants. To grow outside of tropical regions requires special preparation to give coffee and kratom the year-round warmth, light, and humidity they need to survive. Both plants also rely on alkaloids, nitrogen-bearing chemicals, to impact humans. In coffee, the primary alkaloid is caffeine. In Mitragyna speciosa, kratom, the primary alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Both of these come in different proportions based on the color and strain of kratom.

The effects produced by the kratom alkaloids include relaxation and uplifting stimulation. Kratom might also improve endurance and increase physical thresholds in some people, proving beneficial for physically demanding activities.

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Can Kratom Enhance Sex Drive?

Most support for kratom’s effect on libido is anecdotal as widespread studies of kratom are few. Studies of kratom on sex drive are seemingly nonexistent. Since kratom affects everyone differently, people have different takes on how kratom affects libido. As always, it’s best to do your research or try to learn from experience. If exploring the latter option, go slow and be responsible with kratom use.


Can Kratom Negatively Affect Sex Libido and the Effect of Kratom on Testosterone

One study suggests that kratom causes the increased production of certain hormones like prolactin. Prolactin messes with the function of another hormone called gonadotropin, which ultimately lowers libido by interacting with testosterone. Even though relaxation can be the key to having a rewarding sexual experience, when you are too relaxed, your body might not cooperate.

Another long-term study suggests that kratom has no significant effect on kratom levels in kratom users, whether male or female. This is interesting considering anecdotes of kratom increasing libido in female users.


Using Kratom To Enhance Sexual Performance

That said, many users report that kratom puts them in the mood, so to speak. They say kratom gives them more confidence in social situations, takes their mind off of life’s stresses, and even provides some form of physical relaxation. These effects contribute to why people enjoy using kratom before having sex. You might also find that kratom provides a sense of wonder. Being ready to try new things can lead to having more fun in the bedroom.

Like with all kratom use, start with small amounts of kratom and pay attention to how your body responds. Too much kratom can leave you couch-locked or anxious, which is not conducive to fun sex or any physical activity, for that matter. You can prevent this by starting small and observing how your body reacts to the kratom you consumed. Be sure to have some water on hand, as kratom can sometimes dry your mouth. Being hydrated is another essential part of having a healthy libido.

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Also, do not always mix kratom with sex. Combining habits with sex can restructure your brain to rely on said habits for sex. People readily develop dependencies on certain kinks, and it is best to practice moderation in all parts of life. You do not want to get to a point where you feel you need kratom for satisfying sex.

Still, if kratom proves successful in enhancing your sex drive and sexual experiences, it can add a  satisfying and rewarding aspect to your sexual activities. Sometimes, if kratom does not seem to work, it might be the strain. You can always experiment and try several strains before giving up on consuming kratom before sex.


Best Strains for Sex

There are many varieties of kratom. Not only are there various strains, but these strains come further divided into colors. Red, green, and white kratom all have slightly different effects on people. Red vein kratom is more sedating. People often take it before bed, but it might not work before bed in the way this article is concerned.

Meanwhile, white vein kratom increases your energy, as it has more mitragynine than 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Green vein kratom falls somewhere in the middle. Usually, people that choose white or green vein kratom are more successful when mixing kratom with sex. You might want to try red vein kratom but prepare for the chance that you fall asleep while in the middle of it.

More important than strain is likely kratom dosage. If you want the best experience mixing kratom with sex, use small amounts. The negative side effects of kratom are more present at larger doses. You will likely feel relaxed but active even with small amounts of red vein kratom. All kratom is different for everyone, so pay close attention to your own experience every time you use kratom.

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Final Thoughts on Kratom and Sex

If you like kratom and you like sex, you should consider combining the two. Kratom is used recreationally to enhance many parts of life, so it makes sense that it could improve one of the most fun and natural parts of living.

When trying out sex on kratom, start with small amounts. You might also tend towards white vein or green vein kratom since the two are thought to be more uplifting. Still, all kratom is different. Trying out a few kinds can help you determine which, if any, are right for you.

Kratom improves many people’s sex drive, so the topic is worth exploring. That said, be prepared for the chance that it does nothing. At worst, it may increase your sex drive, and it may have no impact. It’s always best to be responsible and enjoy researching kratom’s impact on your sex drive.

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