Kratom and Music: Do The Two Go Well Together?

If you’re a fan of green vein kratom, then you probably already know the pleasures of having your senses sharpened with every dose. As a balanced combination of red and white chemistry, green veins tend to lend a sense of cognitive clarity that makes the mind more sensitive to all the different things happening around it.

Of course, the experience is mostly subjective since kratom tends to produce different effects for everyone. But there’s a growing interest among users hoping to make more sense of the phenomenon, especially in relation to music. According to some enthusiasts, kratom may have a positive effect on how we perceive and enjoy music, and vice versa. But is there any real substance to the theory, or is it all conjecture?

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The Science of Music

Before we look into any links between kratom and music, it helps to understand how music works. There are tons of studies about how music impacts the brain, but one particularly interesting publication explored how music and endogenous opioids work together.

According to the researchers, opioids produced in the brain were positively linked to the enjoyment of music. That is, with sufficient endogenous opioids available in a person’s system, they become more emotionally responsive to musical stimulation.

That’s because music has been found to interact with the same pathways as food, drug, and even sexual pleasure. Conversely, a lack of these opioids in the central nervous system reduces a person’s response to music.


Does Kratom Affect Music Enjoyment?

Presently, there aren’t any studies that explore how kratom might affect the way we experience music. However, there are countless reports all over the web from kratom users explaining how speciosa has significantly improved their listening experience.

While explanations are scarce, we can assume that the improved reception of music may be linked to the way that kratom interacts with opioid receptors in the brain. By stimulating these reward pathways, kratom makes the brain more receptive to musical stimulation.

However again, there’s no way to draw any conclusions. That’s also because there are some kratom users that claim the opposite. An equal number of enthusiasts express that kratom works entirely differently for their listening experience. Instead of fully enjoying music, some users claim that kratom dampens the stimulation, making it harder to appreciate even their favorite songs.

All of that said, it’s important to return to the most basic principle of kratom use — and that is that the effects are different for everyone. No two people will respond the same way to kratom. So, while some people might experience an enhanced listening experience, others may feel entirely different.

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What Kratom Strains are Best for Listening to Music?

In case you want to put the theory to the test, there might be a few kratom strains out there that can help you fully enjoy your favorite tunes. So, if you were hoping to upgrade your listening experience, then these kratom strains might be the right pick for the experiment:

  • Red Maeng Da – In general, Maeng Da is seen as the most potent of strains available. Red Maeng Da can help elevate your sensory experience because of the soothing calm and clarity that the variety provides.
  • Green or Red Bentuangie – The process of fermentation is said to make the Bentuangie strain more powerful than others. Directly competing with Maeng Da’s chemistry, Bentuangie in either red or green vein may help improve your perception and elevate your listening experience.
  • Indo – Indo itself lends mental clarity and balanced concentration making it a powerful choice for users who need to think clearly. Whether it’s red, green, or white, this variety’s distinct chemistry makes it a perfect choice for razor-sharp listening.


Play It By Ear

There’s not enough literature to support the theory of a relationship between kratom and music. But even then, there’s no harm in trying. So, if you were hoping to really immerse yourself in an eargasmic sensory experience, or if you were trying to get the creative juices flowing by inspiring yourself with some soothing tunes, then a dose of kratom might steer you in the right direction. Give these strains a try to find out just how well they can bolster your listening skills for a truly immersive listening experience.

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