Joe Rogan & Kratom – What Are His Thoughts About It?

Joe Rogan has worn many hats during his career, but he’s best known as the host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Launched in 2009, the podcast gets millions of views per episode,  making Rogan one of the most popular podcasters in the US.

On each episode of his podcast, Joe holds exciting and insightful conversations on various topics with guests. And kratom is one of the trending topics he has touched on. Having used kratom before, he shares exciting and eye-opening views on kratom effects and its legality in the US.

A Quick Background on Kratom

With the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The kratom leaves contain chemical compounds called alkaloids. The two main alkaloids derived from kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. They are available in varying amounts depending on the maturity level of the kratom leaves during the time of the harvest.

The Effects of Kratom

Joe Rogan talks about kratom effects from the point of experience. In one of his podcasts, he mentioned taking 10 kratom pills at once just before going to the show.

Lower Doses

While describing his initial experience with kratom, Rogan says that he started with a dose of two pills. He said that he felt like he was under the influence of something, but it felt good since he did not feel impaired.

Higher Doses

In a conversation with one of his friends who takes up to 10 pills of kratom, Rogan wondered how it feels to take a higher kratom dose. So he opted to try it out for himself. He took eight capsules of kratom. What he felt afterward was a high that was “out of this world.” Based on that unique experience, he understands why people might think kratom is an opioid.

He describes the “high” induced from intake of higher doses of kratom as a weird type of experience- everything goes on as usual, and the high does not affect your body coordination. He says that you can have a conversation with your friends, and they will notice nothing amiss. In short, it’s not a body high but a head high. Joe also mentions that people who take 8 to 10 pills of kratom every day eventually develop a tolerance for it.

image of higher doses of kratom

The Safety Aspect

Like other drugs, there are deaths related to kratom overdose. Most kratom-related deaths stem from the unrealistic demands placed by users on their favorite kratom products. Since kratom is often considered an herbal supplement, the presumption among many users is that kratom is safe and has no adverse health effects.

Rogan opines that once a drug enters the market, some sensitive users might inevitably suffer adverse effects and even die from the drug. However, this should not mean that the drug is dangerous and should be banned. He cites a bizarre case where a woman died in San Jose in a contest to drink water to get her son an Xbox. Obviously, no one deemed it necessary to put a ban on water.

He asserts that it’s unrealistic to set a standard where the authorities have to sit down and decide that a drug is dangerous when something bad happens to the user. For example, despite the risks involved, people are free to ride motorcycles, shoot guns, and do bungee diving. The assumption is that the adults who engage in these activities know the risks. In the same vein, Joe maintains that people should be free to use kratom, provided they are adults and understand the risks involved.

The Legal Debate

Joe Rogan argues that people need to get beyond the idea that all opioids are inherently bad because the ones we know have a bad track record. He says that people with pain problems are typically using derivatives of morphine to ease their pain. So, with time, we’re going to discover less addictive and more effective treatments for pain.

According to Rogan, the alkaloids in kratom may be a step in the right direction, so it’s quite unfortunate that they want to make it illegal in the US.

The real reason behind the kratom ban in Thailand was that it was pinching off the proceeds of the opium trade. The government taxed opium, and people shifted to Kratom as an alternative.

image of the legal debate

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The Bottom Line

Joe Rogan is a big fan of kratom and champions its safe use by adults, provided they know the risks that come with it. He mentions many kratom benefits, especially when taken in low doses.

Despite kratom’s legal status at the present moment in the US, the herb could be banned soon because opioid abuse has reached epidemic levels. Kratom is also seen in some quarters as a contributor to the crisis because of its opioid-like properties. However, Rogan points out the need for further research to understand this Southeast Asian herb more.

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