Is Gas Station Kratom Any Good?

So, you’ve just run out of kratom and you forgot to place an order for your next kratom shipment. Now, you’re scrambling to schedule a delivery, but it’s not due to arrive until tomorrow. How are you going to fill in your kratom fix for the day? Fortunately, there are places near you that might be able to solve that. Interestingly enough, your local gas station might have just what you’re looking for.

Gas station kratom is both a lifesaver and a nuisance. Offering kratom for people who might be in a bind, gas stations provide accessible kratom products to those who might need them right this instant. But even then, they’re not exactly go-to material.

Gas Stations as Kratom Vendors

Walk into your local gas station convenience store, and you’re likely to find a wide array of products. From toiletries to fresh hot dogs, to pregnancy tests, and even CBD, there’s really no rhyme or reason to the things they stock on their shelves. Recently, most of them have also started selling kratom products. This includes anything from powders to capsules, tinctures, gummies, and more.

image of gas station as kratom vendor

Now, why exactly would they sell kratom? For the most part, gas stations sell these products to cater to people who have no other alternatives. Their kratom products are targeted at those who might have run out of their stash and need a quick fix. They also try to sell their kratom to buyers who might purchase it out of curiosity.

Another advantage of selling kratom through a gas station is that they’re accessible, thus the term ‘convenience’ store. This allows almost anyone to just walk out of their homes to get a quick kratom fix, whenever that might be necessary.

Essentially, they target their kratom products at buyers who need kratom and can’t wait for a shipment. That’s also why they don’t sell bulk kratom products since they don’t expect their buyers to need anything more than a dose to bridge the gap.

And while you might think that no one in their right mind would buy kratom from a gas station, these ‘vendors’ actually make some pretty decent revenue off of their kratom products. In part, that’s because of the steep prices that they often slap on these finds.

Do All Gas Stations Sell Kratom?

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Well, not exactly. You’ll notice when you walk into large, chain gas station convenience stores that they don’t carry kratom. Branded names like Walmart, Target, and Costco tend to avoid these products because of the ever-changing laws that surround them. Not wanting to be caught up in the mess, these well-known names would much prefer to keep their noses out of the kratom industry.

Another reason why they try to avoid kratom is that it’s a high-risk market. In favor of protecting their merchant account from potential issues with their acquirer, these businesses avoid selling anything that might unnecessarily increase their risk rating.

That’s why if you were to look for kratom through gas stations, the best places to check would be small, locally owned gas stations. These places, albeit obscure, are most likely to sell a broad range of kratom products to cater to locals who might not have anywhere else to get the stuff.

Should You Buy Kratom from a Gas Station?

If you were looking to get your hands on some accessible, easy, and instant kratom, then your local gas station might have what you’re looking for. But tread lightly — since gas station convenience stores are anything but kratom experts, most of them will stock products that aren’t necessarily as well-controlled as others.

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Here’s what to look out for:

  • Excessively decorated packaging
  • Unknown brands or no branding on the package
  • No information about the product inside
  • The crumpled, dusty, or old packaging
  • Items stored near a window or under direct light or heat
  • No indication of the source of the kratom
  • Medical claims on the packaging
  • Labeled a ‘supplement’

Gas stations aren’t quite as careful as actual vendors or kratom emporiums when it comes to choosing their suppliers. So it’s easier for unscrupulous brands to wiggle their way into the market by selling their products to gas station stores.

In terms of prices, expect everything to be up to 25% more expensive than what you would find through your trusted vendor. The reason for that is that gas stations sell what are called ‘head shop brands’ which are products that are more expensive to start with.

That’s why if you ever have the cash to spare and don’t mind waiting, you would be better off buying kratom from a trusted vendor. Not only will your purchase be cheaper altogether, but you’ll also have a better chance of getting good quality kratom.

Need a Quick Fix?

For those times when you find yourself in a tight spot and you need a quick kratom fix, then a trip to your local gas station might be in order. But with limited choices, steep prices, and a lack of bulk options, gas station kratom might be nothing more than that quick fix. If you’re looking for a quality product and you want to spend less, always stick with your trusted kratom vendor.

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