How to Take Kratom Powder: Everything You Need to Know

Kratom consumption has evolved throughout the centuries, but many ancient methods remain. The natives of Southeast Asia chewed kratom leaves; many laborers practiced mastication because it provided quick results. But if you want to know how to take kratom powder in a more contemporary way, then this article is for you.

Traditional Way to Take Kratom

At the dawn of kratom’s discovery, workers in Jakarta would take the freshly plucked leaves of the kratom tree and grind the plant matter with their molars. That would cause them to salivate, enabling kratom’s alkaloids to absorb into their bloodstreams.

Today, chewing raw leaves is less common than it once was, although the crushed leaf is available from select vendors. Crushed leaf gets produced by taking natural kratom leaves and lightly grinding them with a mortar and pestle. That keeps much of the vein and other plant matter intact.

Since its introduction to the Western marketplace, kratom powder has become the most common form of Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom powder gets frequently ingested with water or juice. Depending on the powder’s potency, that blend generally kicks in within ten to thirty-five minutes.

We’ll explore alternatives in our complete guide to taking kratom powder. If you want to know how to take kratom, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you all about the various techniques employed by experienced users.

6 Methods for Taking Kratom

There are several kratom products on the domestic market, including kratom chewing gum, canned kratom drinks, extracts, and more. The following are some of the simplest and most effective ways to use kratom powder:

image of mixing kratom powder with juice

1. Mixing Kratom Powder with Juice

Mixing kratom with juice is popular and pleasant and may offset the naturally bitter taste of kratom while maximizing its purported benefits. Citrus juices are known as kratom potentiators. Mixing the two can accelerate kratom’s pick-me-up, augmenting its aroma.

You can make many tasty beverages by stirring kratom powder into the mix. Apple juice with a shot of the kratom potentiator, apple cider vinegar, can create a sweet and tart kratom cider.

2. Toss ‘N Wash

Some say the so-called “toss ‘n wash method” is the most uncomplicated technique for taking kratom, but that opinion is controversial. Many users gag just thinking about the toss ‘n wash. Before you judge this once-popular approach, you should have all the facts.

Kratom powder is pungent and grainy in texture with a bitter taste. That’s why users dreamed up this method. Scoop up your powder and spoon it into your mouth, chase with a glass of water, and toss it back. Simple.

There are pros and cons to the toss’ n wash method: the apparent advantage of the delivery system may make kratom work faster but tossing/washing does little to relieve the acrid taste. Some users have lamented the retching that occurs when clumps of kratom catch in the backs of their throats.

image of brewing kratom tea

3. Brewing Kratom Tea

If you aren’t fond of gagging, you may forego the toss ‘n wash route and go directly to a time-honored tradition. While some question the efficacy of alkaloids once they get steeped in boiling water, many users attest to the replenishing powers of tea. Blending crushed leaves with chamomile tea makes for a robust blend.

The fundamentals of brewing are easy to master. Just boil water and prepare .5g of kratom powder per cup of water. Remember to calculate your doses; you may have to drink all the hot water to get your whole serving.

Once your kratom gets added to a coffee mug, pour your hot water over the powder. Stir lightly until well blended, permitting the water to reach room temperature before you run it over your kratom. Sweeteners are optional.

4. Adding Kratom Powder to a Smoothie

Speaking of satiating your sweet tooth, shakes are undoubtedly the tastiest way to enjoy kratom. Like kratom tea, you must carefully measure doses of your kratom powder before placing it inside a blender.

There are many terrific kratom smoothie recipes online. Mix kratom with ice and spice (cayenne pepper is a kratom potentiator) for a seasoned summer treat that’s refreshing and nice.

image of buy kratom capsules

5. Buy Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules have become ubiquitous as consumers have shied away from kratom’s bitterness. Capsules give you an easy-to-swallow solution to this hangup. However, remember that it is far less vigorous than a standard dose of plain leaf.

Capsules come pre-prepared, where kratom powder gets measured with a spoon or scale. Each capsule generally contains around .5 grams of kratom, far less than a typical threshold dose of 1.5 grams. Nevertheless, many patrons prefer this option.

6. Smoking Kratom Cigarettes

Amazing Botanicals has created Kratomettes, the world’s first filtered kratom cigarette brand. These pre-rolls are smooth, slow-burning, and generally pleasant in taste.

Before you order these seemingly convenient smokes, you may want to read about smoking kratom, as it isn’t the safest or smartest method. On the contrary, it may be wasteful at best or detrimental at worst.

Kratom Powder’s Purported Benefits

Kratom use may have many potential effects, including clarity, inspiration, and restfulness. Kratom users swear by its rejuvenation, while experts suggest it promotes general well-being. The laborers of Southeast Asia have used kratom for hundreds of years.

Kratom’s alleged advantages have been the subject of much speculation by scientists. Long-term kratom users attest to its inherent value.

Low doses of kratom are associated with milder potential effects, but this subtlety may depend on strain. For example, more potent strains like Maeng Da and Super Green Malay purportedly possess a bracing aroma at low doses. In contrast, others are more refreshing at higher doses.

Kratom’s purported benefits may include any or all of the following:

  • Attentiveness
  • Elevation
  • Increased clarity
  • Motivation
  • Soothing properties

image of things to consider before taking kratom

Things to Consider Before Taking Kratom Powder

There are many factors for you to contemplate before buying kratom. It would be best if you always considered your allergies, diet, and weight. These areas can play an instrumental role in how kratom affects you.

Those with emotional problems or preexisting health conditions should consult a physician before purchasing kratom powder. Those with high blood pressure should take proper precautions.

You must familiarize yourself with the contents of kratom products. The alkaloid content of your kratom powder is paramount to its potential effects. For a kratom powder to be of genuine value, it should contain a minimum of 1.0-1.4% mitragynine. The best vendors source kratom that tests positive for 1.7% mitragynine or more.

When shopping for kratom powder, be sure to do your due diligence. Seek out the advice of experienced users. There are many prominent forum communities, including the kratom /r/Reddit, where you can solicit the opinions and recommendations of experienced users.

It would help if you determined what you want from kratom before settling on a specific strain. Different kratom powders are suitable for different purposes. Some strains, such as green kratom powders, get called “fast” strains (i.e., more refreshing, inspiring, and sharp), while others get called “slow” strains (i.e., more restorative and soothing).

No matter what you want from kratom, it would help if you looking for a trustworthy and reliable vendor who sources their kratom products directly from Southeast Asia.

image of top three places to buy kratom powder

Top Three Places to Buy Kratom Powder

The following are our staff picks for the top three kratom vendors for kratom powder. These kratom vendors have the best stuff in powder form:

1. Authentic Kratom

As its name would suggest, Authentic Kratom is the real deal. No bogus claims. No marketing ploys. Just legit kratom since 2013. There is something to be said for that kind of longevity.

Authentic Kratom is California’s most extraordinary e-commerce brand. It provides killer promotions and low prices on kratom capsules, extracts, tablets, and accessories. Unlike so many e-commerce platforms, Authentic Kratom accepts all major credit cards.

2. New Dawn Kratom

New Dawn Kratom is Colorado’s finest kratom supplier, a homegrown brand offering fresh leaf and free shipping (on orders of $39.99 or more). It complies with the American Kratom Association’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, which requires vendors to meet manufacturing and marketing guidelines.

New Dawn Kratom offers bulk kratom for less than what most charge for small batches. You can get a kilo for just $79.99. All of its kratom powder gets ethically sourced from Indonesia. That is fair trade kratom powder at a fair market price.

3. Starlight Kratom

This Delaware-based vendor features low prices on capsules and powdered kratom. You can get exotic strains for as little as $14.99 per fifty-gram pouch. Kratom kilos sell for under $100.00.

Starlight Kratom’s strains get tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. Its customer support staff is first-class, and its kratom is always crisp. This vendor gives you a beyond-generous 30% off kratom coupon code and free shipping when you order $40 or more.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to take kratom, you should reflect on your preferences and personal taste. Everyone’s unique; no two people will agree on methods or strain. How to take kratom powder is ultimately up to you, but you have plenty of options.

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