How to Mix Kratom in Coffee

how to mix kratom in coffee

Blending it with your favorite drink is the best way to mask kratom’s earthy and bitter taste. If coffee is your beverage, you can enjoy kratom more when infused in your morning steeped brew.

Coffee and kratom belong to the coffee family (Rubiaceae). The two combine well and potentiate one another to produce long-lasting stimulating effects.

Below, you’ll learn the simple yet effective way of blending kratom powder and coffee. You’ll also learn about the benefits of using a coffee maker to brew a coffee and kratom combo.

The Essential Guide for Brewing Kratom-infused Coffee

Mixing kratom in coffee gives you more benefits than consuming either individually.

The best method is to brew kratom and coffee separately using a coffee maker. Then mix the two drinks to form kratom-infused coffee.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Coffee maker
  • Coffee filters
  • Crushed kratom powder
  • Water
  • Ground coffee

image of brewing coffee

Brewing Coffee

  • Pour water into the reservoir.

Most coffee maker machines have a reservoir that can brew up to 10 cups of coffee per brewing cycle. For this case, one to two cups is enough.

Use tap water or bottled water. Distilled water won’t work well. That’s because it lacks essential minerals to extract the appetizing coffee flavors.

  • Place the filter.

Place the cone-shaped filter or flat-bottomed filter inside the filter basket. Speaking of functionality, you can use either a reusable paper filter or a disposable filter, provided it is the ideal size and shape for your coffee maker.

  • Put coffee grounds into the coffee filter.

You can buy pre-ground coffee from the store. While pre-ground coffee is cheaper and has less work, it can’t compare to the unmistakable flavor of coffee brewed from freshly ground whole beans.

Add the coffee grounds into the coffee filter and return the basket inside the coffee maker machine. The primary guideline for the ideal water-to-coffee ratio is two tablespoons of ground coffee for every eight-ounce serving.

  • Let it brew.

Brew the coffee as usual. The brew cycle should take between three to five minutes at most.

  • Pour the coffee into a cup.

You now have freshly brewed coffee ready for serving. Empty all the coffee from the machine into a cup.

  • Clean the coffee maker.

Because you’ll be using the same coffee maker to brew kratom, clean it to remove any leftover coffee, grounds, and oils.

Fill the reservoir with equal amounts of water and vinegar, turn the machine on and brew the solution. Let it sit for half an hour, pour the solution and rinse everything.

image of brewing kratom

Brewing Kratom

Brewing kratom using a coffee maker involves the same steps as brewing coffee:

  • Add clean water to the reservoir.

Pour up to 2 cups of water into the reservoir.

  • Add kratom powder.

Measure a dose of kratom powder and add it to the coffee filter. Kratom powder can be messy, so handle it carefully to avoid spills.

  • Press the start button.

Allow the machine to complete the first brew cycle.

  • Repeat.

Brew your kratom tea two to three times to extract the most alkaloids from the fine-grained kratom powder. Allow the first brew to settle for a few minutes before pouring the kratom tea back inside the reservoir.

Turn on the machine again, and let it complete another brew cycle. The second brew will make your kratom tea tastier and stronger.

  • Remove the tea from the coffee maker.

The kratom tea is now ready to serve.

Mixing Coffee and Kratom

Pour the kratom tea into coffee and mix the drink well before consumption. If you don’t like the bitter taste of kratom tea, mixing it with coffee will enhance its flavor profile. While kratom can add to your energy reserves for a few hours, the caffeine in coffee will provide a long-lasting gush of energy to power you up throughout the day.

Kratom also minimizes the jitters associated with caffeine intake. So you can expect feelings of relaxation that lead to better moods. You can store the coffee-kratom mix in your refrigerator for a few days, but don’t save it for more than a week.

image of benefits of using coffee maker to brew kratom and coffee combo

Benefits of Using a Coffee Maker to Brew Kratom and Coffee Combo

The coffee maker simplifies the process of mixing kratom in coffee. It brews kratom powder into a tea that mixes well with coffee. Otherwise, the Mitragyna speciosa powder won’t wholly dissolve if added directly to the coffee.

Other advantages that come with brewing kratom tea in a coffee maker include the following:

  • Time-saving: Brewing kratom tea using the coffee machine takes 3 to 5 minutes per cycle. And each brewing cycle may produce up to 10 cups of tea.
  • Saves space: If you were to brew kratom in a saucepan, you would need different kitchen utensils and a lot of space. But the coffee machine neither takes any additional space nor uses any utensils.
  • It gives you better control: The coffee maker gives you more control over how strong or light you want your kratom or coffee mix to be. You can brew the tea for a second or third time to extract more alkaloids and make it more robust than the previous brew cycle.
  • User-friendly: This recipe is straightforward, and you don’t need cooking skills to make a kratom-infused coffee drink. You turn the coffee maker on and off at the press of a button.

The Bottom Line

A coffee maker comes in handy when mixing kratom in coffee. You brew coffee and kratom separately in the coffee maker, then mix both drinks to form a robust kratom coffee combo. This recipe is more effective than adding kratom powder directly to your coffee, and you can use it to make a coffee kratom combo in the comfort of your home.

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