How To Make Kratom Tea With A Coffee Maker

Kratom is often taken as one would tea. That means people like to brew the leaves in hot water and drink the resulting beverage. People will also brew the powder, which is done with tea. For instance, finely ground tea called matcha is often used to make a highly-caffeinated, thick beverage.

What people may not realize is that coffee is made the same way as tea but with a different plant. You can put tea in your coffee pot the same way you would coffee grounds. The result might not be the same as steeping the tea in water, but this is also true about steeping coffee in water.

And if you can make tea with a coffee maker, then you can do the same with kratom. Some people even recommend making kratom tea using your regular coffee maker.

A Short Overview of Kratom

Kratom is the common name for Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is a tropical tree that grows in Southeast Asia. It is a close cousin of coffee and shares more with it than potential brewing methods. Kratom and coffee are both in the Rubiaceae family.

Like coffee, kratom contains an alkaloid. Alkaloids are nitrogen-bearing chemicals that exert effects on people. Caffeine is the one found in coffee, while kratom contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Also, coffee is tropical, like kratom. People have enjoyed using both plants as social and, at times, spiritual beverages. Kratom and coffee have also both had roles in folk medicinal practices. While coffee use spread globally hundreds of years ago, kratom is now a global phenomenon as well.

Many people use kratom to enhance their mornings and relax after work, taking a similar spot to coffee in the cultural zeitgeist. While people who used kratom first tended to chew its leaves, people today like to brew kratom into tea. Interestingly, people were more familiar with chewing coffee leaves until someone discovered the wonders of roasting and brewing the seeds. Now, kratom users can learn another thing from coffee users: many of the devices used to make coffee are perfect tools for brewing up cups of kratom tea.

image of kratom capsules and powder

How To Make Kratom Tea in a Regular Coffee Maker

Making kratom tea with a coffee maker requires you to know a little bit about both. Most coffee makers function by having you place the ground coffee in a filter in a basket. Then, you fill a reservoir with water and turn it on. The water can be at any temperature since it is heated by the machine. The difference between coffee and kratom tea is you put kratom in the filter basket instead. You should also know how much water you like to use for the amount of kratom you put in the filter.

There are also a few tips and tricks to making perfect kratom tea with a coffee maker. People swear that mixing a small amount of lemon juice (as much as one tablespoon) will make it easier for the water to extract kratom’s alkaloids.

Similarly, once you have brewed the kratom tea, people recommend putting the brewed product back in the water reservoir and running it a second time. Repeating this a third time might be helpful. By repeatedly brewing your kratom with the same water, you will ensure you get the most extraction possible.

image of how to make kratom tea in a coffee maker

Using A French Press to Make Kratom Tea

French presses, or coffee presses, are a popular way to make coffee and tea. They require no electricity, but you do need a method of heating water. French presses filter fewer oils from your kratom tea than a paper filter, resulting in a thicker and more flavorful brew. That said, you could use room temperature water if you want to steep your kratom for several hours, yielding cold brew kratom.

Again, you want to know the amount of kratom you normally mix with the amount of water your press holds. A gram scale can be useful for measuring. Take the lid and plunger off your press, and pour your kratom in. Heat the water to around 200 degrees, just under boiling (you can wait until it is boiling then take it off the stove for a minute before brewing). Pour the water into the press, replace the lid, and wait for around two minutes. Remove the lid and stir the kratom and water mixture, then replace the lid for three more minutes.

At this point, you should be able to strain the kratom tea by pressing the plunger down and decanting it into a mug or serving container. You may want to brew for longer if you desire a stronger tea.

image of using a french press to make kratom tea


There are many ways to make kratom, including many of those familiar to coffee drinkers. You can even use your refillable pod for a pod-based coffee system. Any way you can think to make tea or coffee can result in a delicious kratom beverage. Even many of the same sweeteners work well with the kratom, and almond or oat milk can improve the overall experience too.

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