What Is Horned Leaf Kratom?

There are various kinds of kratom that all go by different names. Usually, you can classify kratom by strain and color. Sometimes kratom is also classified through the appearance or shape of its leaves.

So, you might see something like Red Horned Leaf Kratom, Green Horned Leaf Kratom, and White Horned Leaf Kratom when you’re shopping for kratom products. The color has to do with the maturity level of the picked leaf, while the name of the strain says something about the strain.

Different strains are all the same species, kratom, but bred differently throughout history. You can think of them as different breeds of kratom. This guide will tell you all about Horned Leaf Kratom.

Horned Leaf kratom is quite a specific strain that is native to Southeast Asia. It is closely related to other strains and comes in many forms. This article aims to be as informative as possible, but always supplement what you learn with further research.

image of horned leaf kratom

A Short Overview of Horned Leaf Kratom

Horned Leaf kratom is like most other breeds of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. As the leaves mature, balances of alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine change, resulting in characteristic changes in color. It gets its name from the simple fact that horned kratom has little spikes surrounding the edge of the leaves.

These spikes are a morphological characteristic that has little effect on the plant’s life or features. Horticulturalists likely bred for the characteristic leaf pattern because it looked nice.

There is also the chance that before they knew about kratom’s alkaloids, farmers were poking around in the dark to figure out what made kratom stronger. Horned Kratom is similar in strength to Maeng Da kratom (Maeng Da is Thai for “strength”). Perhaps farmers thought that the strength related to the kratom’s spiky shape and bred for this trait.

Whatever the reason, Horned Leaf kratom is widespread today. While you are likely to encounter it when it is already powder, it can be nice to know where it gets its name.

Like all kratom, Horned Leaf Kratom comes in green, white, red, gold, and yellow variants. These variants denote the processing, harvesting, and strength of the specific leaves. As with all things kratom, start with a small amount. If you like other Thai kratom strains, you are likely to enjoy Horned Leaf kratom.

Horned Leaf Kratom Origins

image of horned leaf kratom origin

Kratom is the common name for Mitragyna speciosa. This plant grows in tropical southeast Asia, where the volcanic soil is rich in nutrients. Many people do not realize that one of kratom’s closest relatives is coffee. Coffee, or Coffea arabica, and kratom belong to the Rubiaceae family. Belonging to the same family denotes high genetic relatedness. Not only are they genetically related, but Horned Leaf Kratom origins show that it shares much in common with coffee.

Horned Leaf Kratom and coffee both enjoy tropical climates. While coffee is grown throughout the world, you are more likely to find Horned Leaf Kratom in southeast Asia. Horned Leaf Kratom was likely bred in Thailand, but it grows throughout Indonesia and other Sumatran islands, where coffee is also grown. Coffee and Horned Leaf kratom also both contain alkaloids, called caffeine and mitragynine, respectively.

Mitragynine, like caffeine, is a stimulating, nitrogen-containing chemical. It gives kratom more of its uplifting effects. As kratom matures, mitragynine becomes 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is more relaxing.

Through maturation, Horned Leaf Kratom changes from white to red and develops more sedating effects overall. While coffee is relaxing, unless you are drinking decaf, it will keep you up. Horned Leaf kratom has more versatile uses.

How Does Horned Leaf Kratom Compare to Other Strains

As mentioned, Horned Leaf Kratom is potent. It has a greater abundance of alkaloids than some other strains. Its closest competitor in this regard is Maeng Da kratom. If you want something milder, you should consider Indo or Bali kratom. Because Horned Kratom is stronger, you can do more with less.

Horned Kratom is also not as common as other strains. While it has a good reputation, it is not as well-known as some of the more popular kratom strains. For strength, people tend to recommend Maeng Da or Malay kratom. Horned Leaf Kratom is just not very easy to find.

If your vendor has Horned Leaf kratom, though, you are in luck, as this rare find is a treat. Whether you like red, green, or white vein kratom, you are sure to have luck with Horned Leaf Kratom.

  • White Horn Kratom

image of white horn kratom

One common variety of horned leaf kratom is White Horn kratom, as white kratom comes from the least ripe plants. Farmers pick the kratom leaves early in the process while the veins are still pale-green (white) in color. The kratom contains more mitragynine than 7-hydroxymitragynine at this point.

Young kratom leaves are thought to be more uplifting, like tea or coffee. The aroma of White Horn Kratom is thought to be quite pleasing. Users have also compared White Horn Kratom to White Maeng Da kratom variants.

While they will certainly relax you, you would have to overdo it for white kratom to make you sleepy. Obviously, everyone responds differently to different kinds of kratom, so pay attention to how your body responds to know whether it works for you.

  • Green Horn Kratom

Green Horn Kratom is picked when the leaves are of mid-level maturity. These leaves have a more balanced effect, between kratom’s relaxing and its energizing sides. If you want to experience the most quintessential Horned Leaf Kratom, then your best bet is likely Green Horned Leaf Kratom. This option is many kratom enthusiasts’ go-to type of Horned Leaf. Green kratom tends to give you a good overview of a strain’s pros and cons.

Furthermore, Green Horn kratom is one of the most coveted kratom products today. This kratom is particularly known for its effects of improving focus and relaxation. Users of this type of kratom may also experience a mild energy boost.

  • Red Horn Kratom

image of red horn kratom

Red Horned Leaf Kratom will provide the most relaxing effects. This powder comes from leaves picked at maximum maturity. The leaves have a greater proportion of 7-hydroxymitragynine and are thus more relaxing. Many people prefer red vein kratom types. Whether you like it or not will depend on you, as is true with all things kratom.

The Bottom Line: Should You Try Horned Leaf kratom?

If you are interested in trying out a new type of kratom, check out Horned Leaf Kratom. It is not easy to find, so you might have to do some research before settling on the right vendor. That said, kratom users highly recommend Horned Leaf kratom. It works well in all its color varieties. It is a potent strain, so take things slow, as you should with any new kratom variety. Be sure to practice caution to enjoy your Horned Leaf Kratom.

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