Head Shop Kratom 101

In places where kratom is freely used and sold, people enjoy the privilege of being able to access the herb virtually anywhere — from farmer’s markets to gas stations. And while it might seem crazy convenient to grab a pack of kratom to go with your full tank of fuel, there are some nuances to buying head shop kratom.

By virtue, head shop kratom will always be a hit or miss, but we’re not just talking about poor-quality kratom. Some head shop brands can be so incredibly shady that they might even put your health at risk. So if you want to try the kratom down at the local convenience store, it pays to know how to pick out the right products.


What is Head Shop Kratom?

When you say ‘head shop kratom’, you’re actually pertaining to mass-produced packets of the kratom sold only through resellers. That’s because most head shop kratom brands engage in wholesaling so they can sell massive amounts of products in single transactions. Of course, that leaves a lot of room for seedy, poor-quality kratom to slip through the cracks.

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Unlike dedicated kratom merchants that operate to deliver quality and a true customer experience, head shop kratom brands are the guys riding on the tides of the kratom craze. That is — most of them aren’t really interested in satisfying their consumers and are really only in the business of monetizing the kratom hype.

But let it be known that there are a few head shop kratom brands out there that might break the mold. Sure, they’ll still be wholesaling their product. But the difference is that some of these brands might actually pay attention to the quality of the stuff they put out. And these are exactly the ones you’re going to want to buy from.


Tips on Choosing Head Shop Kratom

One thing you’ll notice when you walk into a convenience store or smoke shop that sells kratom is that they’ll probably carry a wide selection of kratom brands. Most (if not all) of your choices will be sold in small packets. (Xanax) That’s because head shop kratom brands know that customers who buy their products are probably just looking for a quick fix and not a month-long stash.

And while all the pretty packaging and bright colors might draw you right in, there are a few considerations you’ll want to make before you grab that pack off of the shelf.

  • Lab results – Not-so-fun fact: salmonella contamination in kratom products is more common than you think, especially in head shop products. That’s because these guys get their kratom supply in bulk from seedy suppliers in South East Asia.

And to make sure they get their hands on the cheapest supply, they scratch out the quality control part of the whole process. Now, it’s not too common that you’ll find lab results slapped on a head shop kratom product. But in case you do, you might be looking at a certified rarity.

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  • Company information – Unscrupulous head shop brands that just want their money will sell their product to retailers and hit the road. So when customers run into issues with their kratom, there’s no way to contact them — because there’s no company information on the packaging.

Even more unsettling is the fact that many of these companies won’t even have contact information on their websites. Others will have contact info listed but won’t be reachable through the provided numbers and email addresses. Spare a minute to see whether or not you can contact them before you shell out your cash.

  • Prices – Most of the time, head shop kratom will come at exorbitant prices that are two to three times the cost of kratom from internet-based vendors. While almost all head shop brands will cost significantly more, there are some that will tout more reasonable price tags.

Watch out for products that are much, much too expensive compared to the other products on the shelf. Prices that just don’t match the rest of the selection around it should be a major red flag pointing to a brand that’s taking every chance to make a quick buck.


The Pros and Cons of Buying Head Shop Kratom

We’re not saying you should never source your kratom from a head shop brand. In fact, these products might offer certain benefits that you can’t find through the usual vendor (whether on or offline), and these include:

  • Convenience – Head shop kratom is available almost everywhere. They’re the go-to for buyers who need a quick fix.
  • Support local – Stores that sell head shop kratom are usually local convenience stores and smoke shops, not big, chain brands that make millions already.
  • Community – There’s almost always a sense of community when buying from a local vape or smoke shop. Aside from the people manning the store, the customers hanging around should be able to help you make a choice.

But then again, there are some serious drawbacks to buying kratom from a head shop brand, and these include:

  • Quality concerns – Most head shop brands won’t come with any sort of labeling or lab results, so it’s mostly a shot at the moon.
  • Exorbitant prices – Kratom sold through dedicated vendors will always be cheaper than anything you find in a vape shop or convenience store.
  • Company contact – In case anything goes wrong, there’s almost no way to contact a head shop brand so you’ll have to direct your concerns through the reseller instead.
  • Limited options – If you’re looking to buy in bulk to keep as a stash at home, then head shop kratom won’t be able to cater to your needs.

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Tread with Caution

Head shop kratom might seem attractive because of its accessibility, but be warned — there are better places to spend your hard-earned cash. Although there are a few worthy kratom head shop brands out there, it’s not recommended to buy your kratom from a gas station unless you really need the quick fix. So if it’s just not possible to wait, keep these tips in mind to make sure you get the best possible kratom at your local smoke shop.

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