Same Day Shipping


 What does Same Day Shipping mean?


Same day shipping means we will do our very best to get your order shipped within 24hrs of being placed

 For example: If you place an order at 11AM on a TUESDAY morning, we will do our best to ship your order by 11AM on WEDNESDAY 



 Why do you guys only categorize your Kratom by vein color?

 A lot of Kratom strain names you will find on other vendor sites were just created for marketing purposes. 


We like to keep it simple here at Slo Kratom as to not confuse or overwhelm our customers with options. 


Our Kratom comes directly from our Plantation in West Borneo, Indonesia. Our main focus is quality. You will not find better Kratom anywhere else on the internet than right here!


What is your refund policy?

 We currently do not offer refunds, but please contact us if there is an issue with your order and we will do our best to work with you and keep you happy :)


Do you sell in larger quantities?

 At this time the largest quantity we offer is 150 grams. We may offer larger quantities in the future as we grow into our business. Stay tuned


Why can't I pay via PayPal or Credit Card?


See our "Payment Options" page. This is explained in the first paragraph at top of page


Why is my Green Money payment not processing?

 Green Money is very sensitive. All of your information needs to be exact to match the info your bank has of you. I.E home address/phone number ect.


For example: One customer used the abbreviation "Rd" instead of spelling out "Road" when entering his address, and that ended up being the culprit as to why his initial payment didn't process


If Green Money cancels/doesn't process your order you will need to replace your order and try to be very meticulous when entering your information


For any other Questions/Concerns feel free to contact us and we will always respond within 24hrs!