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Does Life Insurance Test for Kratom?

Rarely will you find a life check as comprehensive as what insurance providers perform. These guys want to know everything there is to know about you to measure your risks and liabilities and to find out whether coverage is something they can provide for your specific situation. So aside from asking about your income, any business you have, and your family relationships, they’ll also subject you to a medical exam.

The purpose of the medical exam is simple — to find out whether you have any conditions that you might end up making a claim for in the future. And as you might suspect, the use of certain substances falls within that category. We all know the standard drugs that insurance providers will test for. But with the use of kratom becoming ever prominent, it helps to ask — will insurance providers test for kratom?


Is Kratom a Drug?

image of is kratom a drug

The first and most obvious question to ask would be whether or not kratom is a drug. Chronic use of certain substances can lead to dependence, addiction, and toxicity or disease. So, insurance providers want to know if you’re using any substances — illicit or otherwise — to tell whether or not you’re at risk of these dangers. After all, they might end up paying for the bills when the time comes.

To make things perfectly clear — kratom is not a drug. While it might be banned in certain countries, states, cities, and counties, kratom isn’t federally illegal. On top of that, the Drug Enforcement Agency, despite numerous efforts to ban kratom, has yet to categorize the substance as an illegal drug.

If anything, the only restriction placed on kratom on a national scale comes from the FDA. With limited research about the effects of kratom, the FDA has yet to declare the substance safe for human consumption. That’s why vendors are advised to avoid labeling or marketing their kratom products as food or supplements lest they rouse the ire of the FDA.


What Kind of Drug Test Do Insurance Providers Use?

Most insurance providers will use the most comprehensive drug tests to understand the physical status of their clients. So, you’ll often encounter anywhere between a 16 and 18-panel drug test that uses a urine sample to determine the presence of certain substances in your system.

However, even the most robust test — the 18-panel drug test — does not test for kratom or any of the compounds in the herb. But isn’t kratom similar to opioids? Won’t it be detected as an opiate? Well, it works with the same receptors that opioids do, but that doesn’t mean it uses the same compounds to achieve those effects. So even if you test for opiates, it will not detect the kratom since it’s made up of entirely different chemicals.

To find out whether a person uses kratom, it would be necessary to use a separate test together. This kratom-specific test detects kratom alkaloids through either a hair or nail sample. More modern tests can use urine, but these are rare and usually inaccessible to people outside of law enforcement.

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Will Insurance Providers Test for Kratom?

While the answer isn’t entirely clear, it’s safe to assume that your insurance provider will not test you for kratom. More importantly, kratom isn’t even federally illegal. So, there’s really no reason for insurance providers to try to figure out whether or not you’ve been using the stuff or not.

But hey, it’s absolutely normal to feel a little apprehensive about a drug test especially if you were using something like kratom. If you really want to pass the test and feel a little more confident taking it, you can go for a kratom cleanse. Simply stay off of the stuff for 5 to 7 days before the drug test to make sure it’s out of your system.

Another piece of advice from people who have been through the experience before is that you can ask your insurance agent. They’re going to want you to pass because they will make a commission off of your contract. So, they’re likely going to give you actionable advice that you can use to size up your drug test.


Over to You

Drug tests can be crazy nerve-wracking. But on the upside, kratom doesn’t come up on even the most robust drug tests available, so there’s really no need to sweat it. However, if you still feel uneasy and you want to make doubly sure you’ll pass that test for your insurance, stay off of kratom for a week before your drug test to ensure a hitch-free exam.

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