Best Kratom Samplers

One of the best ways to try new kratom is to buy kratom sampler packs from your favorite vendors. These are cost-effective ways to find your new go-to kratom strain.

Many brands do fantastic kratom samplers. The best brands know that if their product speaks for itself, cheap samples are a sound investment.

This guide provides an overview of different kinds of kratom samples and samplers offered by different companies. It will do a partial review of some of the best brands’ samplers so that you can decide which kratom sampler is the best based on your personal preferences.

What is a Kratom Sampler?

The typical kratom sampler consists of several ounces of different strains. The point is to let you save money on a small amount or try various kinds of kratom at once. Also called sample packs, kratom samplers are different from the free samples vendors sometimes include in orders.

Kratom samplers are a great way to narrow down your favorite strain. These samplers let you try multiple kratom strains at a lower cost than you would pay to try each individually. Not to mention, you can still order a small amount from another brand. That means that kratom samplers let you save money on many kinds of kratom so you can determine which is the best for you.

Kratom samplers typically give you anywhere from two to 10 varieties. If you already know that you like a specific vendor, having a large sampler option can be very wallet-friendly. If you have no experience with a specific vendor, getting a small sampler can still be nice. That way, if a certain strain does not suit you, you can check if it is the strain or the brand with a backup. It is always better to try small amounts of multiple strains from a brand to determine whether or not their kratom is truly for you.

Which Companies Have the Best Kratom Samplers?

Many brands offer different kratom samplers. This guide will delve into some of the best, as determined by their reviews on forums and social media.

Cali Botanicals

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Cali Botanicals keeps things simple. For $25.50, you can get 25 grams of each of its five bestsellers: Maeng Da, Premium Bali, Superior Red Dragon, Green Malay, and Vietnam. That comes out to roughly $5.10 for each ounce of kratom.

Cali Botanicals’ sole sampler is all you need to determine whether or not it is the right vendor for you. If you happen to like all of them, it also happens to be a great deal for future purchases. Cali Botanicals has great reviews and many kratom forum users call it their go-to brand.

Lively Mood

Lively Mood is an up-and-coming kratom brand with many positive reviews throughout various kratom forums and social media pages. The brand sells 3-packs of 8-gram samples of your choice. They cost $7.99. For nearly one ounce split three ways, $8 is not a bad deal at all. If you know which strains you prefer, you can use this as a cost-effective way to get some of your favorites all at once.

For $34.99, you can get a 3-pack of 1-ounce bags. The 8-gram sampler is actually more cost-effective. With the smaller sampler, you get roughly 72 grams for $24, while the latter is 85 grams for $35. That is 3 grams per dollar rather than 2.4 grams per dollar. It is wiser to go with the first option and choose Lively Mood kratom samplers.

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Kay Botanicals

Kay Botanicals offers some of the best value for samplers of all kratom vendors. For as low as $7.85, you can get one ounce each of White Bali, Red Bali, and Green Bali. For $7.42, you get one ounce each of White, Red, Gold, and Green Maeng Da. For $8.42, you get one ounce each of Red Maeng Da, Green Bali, Dark Borneo extract, and White Malay. You can scale all three options up to 250-gram samplers.

The 250-gram Bali Sampler costs $42, the 250-gram Maeng Da Sampler is $45.20, and the other variety pack costs $32.50 in its larger form. These are some of the best deals. The $45.20 Maeng Da sampler comes to one kilogram, as does the variety pack. If you like Kay Botanicals, you will find yourself saving big on your kratom hobby through its samplers.


Krabot is another vendor that should be on your should-try list. You have likely heard some buzz about the brand. Trying their kratom is easy with their 250-gram kratom samplers. For $39.99, you get 50 grams each of Green Bali, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Horn, and White Maeng Da. For $23.99, you get one ounce each. An astounding deal is an ability to buy one ounce of 10 strains of your choice for only $47.99.

There are many more sampler options, up to 2 kilos split into 10 varieties of your choice. If you like Krabot, you will find they make it very easy to explore your options.

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What are the Best Kratom Samplers?

Kratom samplers are a cost-effective way to try out many kinds of kratom all at once. Hopefully, this list gave you insight into what to expect from several of the top kratom sampler vendors. Ultimately, the best kratom samplers will depend on the varieties you like and want to try out.

When choosing a new kratom vendor, it can be nice to try a few strains at once. That way, you can determine whether you liked the brand itself or just the fact that they happened to have one particular strain. That said, there are many benefits to trying out samplers of various kratom brands when trying to find the kratom that you like best.

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